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How can you acquire UL VNO License in India?

The UL VNO License is the DOT-issued business authorization to set up an ISP that relies on Virtual Network to provide internet services. This abstract nature allows the licensee to provide the internet at a low cost. What does it take to start such an ISP in India? Is it difficult? Let us find the answer to those questions.

The Department of Telecommunication has made it easy to set up and provide internet services in India. Why has it made it so? The answer is simple – to promote telecommunication services in India. However, what the DOT considers to be “easy” and what this term means practically is a different matter entirely. 

What do we mean? In simple terms – it is not easy to set up an ISP in India. The process to obtain the unified license – an authorization that allows you to establish an ISP company is complex.

 Or is it? 

It doesn’t need mentioning, but once we bypass the technical jargon, the steps to establish a VNO in India become simple. 

Here, we are revealing those steps to you. 

The first step: Meet the eligibility criteria

Naturally, not everyone deserves to provide internet services. There is a certain panache on needs to provide such facilities. And that style should also contain a certain zeal. However, the DOT has kept it simple. Thus, you only need to fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Start a Private Limited Company: The Department of Telecommunication won’t forego its regulatory itch just to facilitate an individual with the license to provide internet. Thus, if you want to be a VNO ISP, better start a company.
  2. Set up shop in a region with close proximity to an NLD: Those who sign the unified license agreement to provide internet facilities have to buy bandwidth from somewhere. And the sellers of this article are the NLD – National Long Distance – Operators. To reduce the infrastructural costs, establish your VNO ISP centre near these sellers.

And that’s all. If you have got those covered, you can take the next step.

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The second step: Furnishing the required documents

To prove your eligibility and to assert to the DOT that you have what it takes to provide internet services, submit the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation of your VNO Company
  2. Memorandum of Association explicitly stating that your business is to provide internet services using VNO
  3. Articles of Association specifying the rules and regulations of your company
  4. List of directors and shareholders of your company
  5. And a comprehensive document containing the details of the shareholding pattern
  6. Finally, you will also need a unified license fee receipt

The third step: Filing the online application

Recently, the government introduced the SARALSANCHAR portal to make the procedure to apply for telecom licenses completely offline. That process is as follows:

  1. Go to the SARALSANCHAR portal
  2. Select telecom license tab
  3. Choose Unified License VNO
  4. Look at the details in the unified license guidelines
  5. Create a login and fill the application form
  6. Upload the requisite documents in the end to finalize the submission.

The fourth step: Getting the Letter of Intent

The fourth step is to get the letter of intent. If you obtain the Letter of Intent, it means that the DOT has accepted your application. 

After receiving the letter of intent, you must fulfil the bank guarantees and entry fee requirements. Once you do, you will get the final unified license agreement.


With this blog, we have simplified the procedure to acquire the unified license, meaning – by following the steps above under the guidance of telecom consultants, you get to obtain the certificate in no time.

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