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Everyone Needs Psychologist’s Help to Fight With Modern Age Pressures

Spring Clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan. It is a subsidiary of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital MASH and fully devoted to treating psychological problems. It was established very recently and it won’t be wrong if we say that it is the only mental health clinic in Multan. Before Spring Clinic either there were psychology departments present in the hospitals or apart from them, there was one mental hospital. A clinic that deals with all the mental problems and seems friendly as well was lacking. The Spring Clinic filled this gap and certainly helped many suffering people.

Everyone who visits a psychologist is not mentally challenged

In western societies, it is normal for people to visit a psychologist regularly but in Pakistan, many stigmas are attached to it and people don’t really prefer or like visiting a shrink. In Pakistan people used to have this impression that whoever visits a psychologist is a mentally challenged person. Which is totally wrong. People should understand that you can be totally healthy and still need to consult a psychologist to function properly, and things have certainly gotten better today. 

Almost every city in Pakistan has the best mental health clinics 

People do have the understanding that today everyone is going through some pressure. As the world has become technology-driven and a global village the stress and strains are at a different level today. In the highly competitive world in which we are living today. We need to combat the daily strains so we can work properly, and psychologists help us do that. Spring Clinic is the mental health clinic in Multan, in other cities of Pakistan, many clinics are also working to facilitate the mentally disturbed.

Multan is the 7th largest city of Pakistan, thus we can say that people there might have lesser stress than Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, which are metropolitans and running on the dynamic which is faster than the one in Multan. Hence, people in those cities are somehow more frustrated and under pressure therefore there are more mental clinics and hospitals working to facilitate a larger number of people in those cities. 

What are the most common mental problems people deal with?

The most common issues the patients visit the mental hospitals with are. 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression

I guess, by far we all know about them. What is anxiety and what is depression, still if you don’t know the difference then let me tell you? 

We all have felt Anxiety one or the other way

Anxiety is something that happens when a person worries too much about the coming time or his future. We all have faced it in one or another way at some point in our lives. Let me take you in to your childhood when you were sitting on the chair waiting for your result to be announced. You remember that chill in your gut and sweaty hands, and when you experienced your heart throbbing so fast that you almost felt it’s going to come out of your mouth, while you were doing nothing just sitting on your chair, you remember that?

That was anxiety! Now when you are grown up the anxiety has become more aggressive and difficult to deal with. Therefore you need assistance from a psychologist. The psychologist would listen to you and will help you to face and fight your problems. 

Depression may sometimes eat a man

Depression occurs when a person lives in his past and is unable to come out of a disturbing incident that jolted him to an extent that it impacts his life in all disturbing ways. In certain scenarios, the sufferers lose their desire to live, the desire to progress. They lose their aim in life and they fall into the depths of despair and hopelessness. In severe cases, suicides are also witnessed.

The psychologist would tell him ways how they can be healthy and get out of this situation. If a psychologist can handle it, he would. Otherwise, he will recommend him to the best psychiatrist who may treat him with medication.

These are the most common issues, apart from them, many other disorders are also treated in mental health clinics. Spring clinic also addresses numerous mental problems and with time it is becoming the most trusted mental health clinic in Multan.

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