Custom Bakery Boxes Reveal Your Food Quality

Are you shopping for a bakery? Chances are, Custom Bakery Boxes are as professional as the baked goods inside. Some might think that it is just a plain brown box. However, experienced buyers know that bakery boxes hold more than tasty treats. 

They can show off an entire brand’s dedication to quality and service. Here we discuss what makes good packaging and convey information. 

What Makes Good Bakery Boxes Wholesale 

Well-made Bakery Boxes Wholesale tell consumers that they can trust their purchase. The bread and pastries will be fresh and carefully made by hand, not a machine.

There are many different kinds of bakery boxes. Each is suited for specific baked goods. A French baguette should go into its type of baguette box. It has a handle so customers can carry it home. A layer cake should go into a custom cake box. 

You can design it with extra room to hold several layers of cake and icing. And don’t forget the butter croissant! Its pointed ends often poke through ordinary bakery boxes. So ask your bakery if they use an iced croissant box instead.

Material Choice for Packaging

A good bakery box is made from sturdy materials. A flimsy paperboard box cannot withstand transit. Even worse, it looks amateur and screams “cheap!” 

Strong cardboard might look heavy but as bad because most people associate thick boards with low quality. Instead, look for a quality corrugated pack, which is light yet strong enough to protect baked goods.

A bakery box is not complete without a window. A clear panel allows customers to see the tasty pastries within. It makes it easy to spot what they want before reaching inside the bakery bag.

Customers also rely on the bakery box to hold their purchases together. So be sure to stock boxes with solid partitions. Make these sections adjustable or look for a cake shaped divider that can contour to fit different pastries.

Bakery boxes are Business Allowance

To customers, bakery boxes are an extension of the business. They should convey professionalism and quality at first glance. Choose a bakery box that fits your products and has plenty of room for branding. Then sit back and watch as your baked goods fly out the door!

When you go to the store, what is one of the first things you look at? If you said product, think again. While it’s true that consumers often judge a book by its cover. When shopping for a food shop, it’s almost always the packaging that catches our eye first. Take bakery boxes in particular. 

These packaging products play a key role in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. When used well, these boxes impact whether a customer picks up and purchases your baked goods in the market today or not.

Custom Bakery Boxes

How Material Effect Purchase

The key to using bakery packaging lies in knowing how this material affects consumers’ buying decisions. In addition to protecting your baked goods, these boxes represent something about your brand even before they are selected. 

A study by the Food Marketing Institute found that more than 80% of consumers pick up a product with bakery packaging. In comparison, only 24% would pay attention to products without bakery boxes.

The first thing you want your bakery box to do is to catch people’s eyes on the shelves. If it doesn’t stand out, there is no chance they will stop and take notice. Bright colors are often used in bakery boxes. They can draw people’s eyes towards them even from afar. 

According to one marketing expert, people will judge your brand based on its package design before trying it. Creating an eye-catching design for your packaging will encourage new customers to try something new and attract customers you already have to buy more.

Shape of Box According to the Product

The shape of your bakery box is also important. If you sell products with a round shape, try buying circular bakery boxes. These are not just eye-catching, but they are also stackable. An excellent feature to have when trying to fit as many products into storage as possible! 

Rectangular or square boxes are often best for rectangular items like bread. However, metallic boxes work very well for baked goods made in molds. They make the product shine and look appealing on store shelves.

They let customers know how much love you put into making each item. So they can have an exact knowledge of what they are about to eat when they purchase from you.

Add Text to Your Custom Printed Bakery Boxes

In addition to images, the quality text is vital for getting people excited about Custom Printed Bakery Boxes goods before buying them. If you include something like “our signature chocolate chip cookie recipe” or “Hand decorated sugar cookies,” consumers will feel for the unique qualities. It makes your products special even before trying them out.

Finally, adding allergen information to bakery boxes is also very important . According to Forbes Magazine, food allergen mislabeling is the number one food safety issue that major grocery store chains are trying to tackle. If you sell many different baked goods, including allergen information on these bakery boxes is important. So, customers know what they are consuming.

All in all, Bakery Boxes Wholesale help increase your brand awareness and ensure people purchase your products.

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