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Angular Vs React 2022: Which Js Framework Does Your Project Requires?

You will find numerous front-end web development frameworks and valuable libraries on the internet. With technological advancements, many feature updates get released regularly. So, web developers have different kinds of frameworks to compare. Angular and React have become the two most popular JS frames. But they can be confusing too. In this article, we will explore the world of React and Angular.

What Is Angular?

Angular is a component-based old framework that Google developed for their daily purposes. The building foundation of this development platform is Typescript. The Angular framework is popular because it is dependent and has a two-way data binding feature.

This framework has a lot of support and backup behind it. You can develop single-page (SPA) and dynamic web apps with it. You can also directly type in HTML as it supports the MVC structure.

What You Need To Use Angular

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Typescript

Advantages Of Angular Is –

  • The component-based architecture bears similarity to that of MVC.
  • Typescript is a better tool.
  • The code is cleaner, and scalability is high.
  • The RxJS program is efficient and asynchronous.
  • The backing of the technological support of Google.
  • It is universally recognised and has a hierarchical dependency injection.
  • It has been recently connected with material design.
  • Angular CLI ensures seamless updates.
  • The user will get IDEs UI and universal server-side rendering.
  • Different analytic tools, data libraries, ASP.NET, etc are also available.
  • Directives are provided to add or remove elements.
  • The user can reuse angular elements.
  • Both DOM tree and HTML capabilities are there.

Disadvantages of Angular

  • A hierarchical tree-like architecture

As the Angular has a layered structure, you might face difficulty fixing its frame.

  • Performance Tradeoff

The two-way data binding will keep the OLD devices busy.

  • Coupled to JavaScript + Typescript

You have to install JS to run Angular.

  • Heavily Weighted Framework

The frame is good but heavy.

  • Migration

This process can be hard but is not impossible to do.

When to Choose Angular?

Continuous Web Applications

It can change the power of web application development. Angular looks like it can create a constant web app.

Enterprise Web Apps

Angular is dependent on Typescript that contains all the features you need to form a business application.

Applications With Flexible Content

Single-page requests are set by Angular. Thus, it is perfect for projects where content variation depends on the change in user behaviour and movement.

What is React?

React framework is the wildly popular JavaScript library in the community of web and mobile apps developers. The framework that Facebook has created lets you make UI components. As React language makes use of server-side rendering, it offers a solution that is flexible and performance-oriented.

React is usually applied in single-page or mobile apps. You will enjoy it more if you are working with state management and rendering. The applications require extra libraries for routing and client-side methods.

What You Need To Use React

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Having a bit of understanding of ES6 features.
  • Like, let, Const, Arrow functions, Imports and Exports, Classes.
  • Basic knowledge regarding the usage of NPM.

Advantages Of React Is –

  • It has a short development period.
  • You will get numerous components ready to go.
  • iOS and Android both can reuse the codebases.
  • The latest version available has features with increased speed and fixes bugs.
  • Swift and React Native is used to write the app.
  • You will enjoy working with React.
  • It focuses on making mobile UI, so it uses a simplified UI.
  • You will have a community that will contribute to the knowledge.
  • The open-source platform of React Native is huge.

Disadvantages Of React

Troubleshooting Problems-

You may face problems in the area of tool debugging and package compatibility when you work on React projects.

Lack of Other Custom Modules

There exists a few opportunities for components even though React framework has become mature. You may get three-component codes (Android, RN and iOS) instead of only one when you upgrade custom modules.

Update problems

There are problems with an update regarding the newest version of React.

Which is Better – React Or Angular?

Data Binding- React VS Angular Usage

The key difference between Angular JS and React is that Angular has two-way data binding usage, whereas React has one-way data binding usage. If you change the UI feature, it will change the corresponding Angular model’s status. Even if you find Angular easy initially, it is better to use React for large projects.

Performance- React/Angular

Angular uses Standard DOM, which is likely to cause operational problems. React is equipped with virtual DOM, which is flexible in its functionality and virtual tree updates. So, it is faster than Angular DOM.

Testing- React and Angular Together

For testing, Angular uses Jasmin, while React uses Jest.

Learning Curves: Angular VS React

The learning curve of Angular is much higher than that of React as the latter is hard to learn. Though, you will get more useful results from React time error correction than the Angular operating time correction.

Routing in Angular VS Routing in React

There is a bit of difference in the React and Angular route handle. While Angular offers a route service, you have to install the React one on your own.

Material Design- Angular VS React Storybook

Both have a design that is an integrated system containing movement, interaction, and visual design. The prominent Angular design comes under Front-end Frameworks. The React Storybook compilation is under the “MVC Tools” category. Both of them are open source tools.

Which Is More Popular – Angular Or React?

There is a lot of discussion regarding Angular vs React popularity in the discussion forums and the community. The marked differences are because of involvement and donation. The viewer number of Angular is 3.2 thousand to React’s 6.7 thousand. The star count of Angular is less than 62,000 while React has a star count of 142,606. By 2020, the number of grants the React JS had was 1,390 whereas Angular had 1,129 donations. But engineers used Angular more than React a few years ago. Angular has a proper and complete framework, where is React JS is a library. On average, the library framework React js receives fewer stars than the Angular framework. As React was released earlier, it has more stars and fewer issues.


Overall, Angular has a lot of built-in functions, whereas the simple learning curve of React help you get quick results in the decision-making process. Both the technologies are attractive; the one that’s best for you depends on the size of your project, among other things.

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