Water Powered sanitizers, hand sanitizers bracelets, and what not? Here are five innovations you must know

Hand sanitizers have become a daily necessity for the majority of the population. Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for hand sanitizers is increasing continuously. Governments across various nations have mandated using sanitizers in order to curb the virus spread. Moreover, public places, including restaurants, stations, airports, and other places, offer sanitizers to travelers. Thus, companies are developing innovative solutions to provide ease of use to consumers. 

Sanitizer Bracelet

The advent of the sanitizer bracelet has significantly blazed the trail. The ‘CleanWrist’ sanitizer bracelet has eliminated the necessity for plastic bottles and endless search in the carry bags. The bracelet can be placed onto the wrist just like other accessories. It has a removable plug on the back, which is used to fill the sanitizer.  

Water Powered Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers and antibacterial treatments are frequently made with chemicals and packed in single-use plastics. The ‘EO tiny’ nano mist sanitizer acts as an alternative that uses water to create a mist. When the user fills water, it creates a cleaning mist using a tri-polar electrode.  Thus, this eliminates the use of harmful chemicals which may affect one’s health. 

Gel sanitizer made of active silk

One of the most innovative sanitizers on the list is the sanitizer made with activated Silk. The activated silk evolves by nature and is used in a liquid form. Chemicals have been a major part of the concern for users using sanitizers. Thus, the advent of active silk-based sanitizers may put a full stop to such problems. 

Single-use hand sanitizers

The packaging for HMBO’s single-use hand sanitizer stands out because it can be folded, snapped, and squeezed with a single hand. Thus, the solution is convenient to use on a daily basis and during travels. V-Shapes Single-Serve Packaging Technology is easy to transport and is more beneficial for personal hygiene than traditional use. The packaging method has the potential to be adapted to other products in the future.

Plant Oil Scented Hand Sanitizers 

Alcohol is an essential component in manufacturing hand sanitizers and makes it function well. Other chemicals and scents are used to bring out the desired aroma. The introduction of Apotheke Charcoal Hand Sanitizer is the best alternative to make it partially plant-based. The product is manufactured with 75% alcohol, but it is infused with a variety of plant-based oils to give it a more natural aroma. Cedarwood, sandalwood, and smokey amber are used to create a welcoming and slightly relaxing perfume.

By recognizing the potential scope of the Hand sanitizers industry, various industry players are launching innovative products at a low cost to cater to the public demands. The COVID-19 outbreak has been a crucial growth driver of the hand sanitizers industry. Astute Analytica estimates that the global hand sanitizers market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.6% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2027. 

Prominent players leveraging the growth of the market are Kutol Products Company, Reckitt Benckiser Group, Best Sanitizers Inc., The Himalaya Drug Company, Henkel Corporation, Unilever, Chattem Inc., Procter and Gamble, Gojo Industry Inc., and Vi-Jon Laboratories Inc. 

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