How to draw a cartoon astronaut

How to draw a cartoon astronaut

They say that area is the last boundary, which is true because we have only explored a small part! Space journey is still fairly new to humanity, yet several people have donned their spacesuits and examined the unknown. It’s fun to guess what it would be like to research space, and knowing how to draw a cartoon astronaut is a wonderful way to do it! By the future of this tutorial, you will draw a really fun illustration of an astronaut by counting your adventurous details. That stated, let’s get prepared for an out-of-this-world coloring adventure with this step-by-step. Cartoon drawing easy

How to Draw A Cartoon Astronaut

Step 1

We have a cool and innovative method that we will be performing in this tutorial! For this first step of the manual, we will draw a lot of the profile of this cartoon astronaut. It may sound a little intimidating, but as long as you take your time and follow our reference image carefully, you’ll do a great job! You can also start by using a light pencil to make things easier for you by that will leave a large rounded section that we’ll add facts too soon. You will then be prepared for step 4! drawing a few rough lines to help you draw the final lines of the pen. The helmet is large and very round, with small curved sections at the sides and base of the helmet. Hence, there is a small square shape on the chest with a curved tube attached. Finally, draw her foot using an oval shape and some curved lines, and you can finish by drawing the start of her arms.

Step 2: Draw the rest of the body and arms

This second step on attracting a cartoon astronaut will see you spend the last outlines for his body and arms. First, draw the glove at the end of his arm on the right side. Then, you can draw the other portion utilizing some more round bars and profiles. The last point to count in this step will be another curved line for the load the astronaut is modeling. We will then move on to the next steps adding some great details to these parts you drew.

Step 3: Now start drawing some extra attributes

Your designs are finished, and you can now begin adding some finer points to this cartoon astronaut strategy. Let’s start by merely drawing a vertical line in the pack’s post on his chest. So, we’ll concentrate on his helmet. You can draw curved lines on the rounded part on the side, as it appears in the reference image. Next, draw the glass outlines of his helmet cover over him, and

Step 4: Then, draw some more details

We will add more details to your cartoon astronaut’s drawing in this next step! These details will be pretty basic, but they will make this image even better. First, add some traction to the underside of her boots by drawing a few straight lines across them. Then, we will also add some texture to the pipe that comes out of the backpack on the chest. To do this, draw a few slightly curved lines across the tube-like we did in our example.

Step 5: Add the final details of this cartoon astronaut drawing

You are ready to complete the details in this fifth step of our guide on drawing a cartoon astronaut! You will also add some interesting details and additions of your own. First, we’ll add subtly rounded sections to the top and bottom of the helmet’s glass section. You can also draw a vertical line in the center of the top and bottom of these sections. Finally, draw some buttons and other details on the packaging on the chest. Then you can add some final details! You could draw a truly amazing space background to show what kind of space adventure he is having. What additional fun facts will you count to this image?

Step 6: Complete your drawing with some cooler

Now it’s time to finish this cartoon astronaut by drawing some colors! The suit an astronaut wears will typically not be very colorful, which is the look we chose in our example. We operated light and shady greys for the claim, and then we used some shadows of black for the mirror surface of the helmet. But directly, it’s up to you to determine how to cooler this intrepid astronaut! You could opt for a similar grey cooler scheme for yours, but you could also opt for some brighter colors if you prefer.

What approach do you plan to take when you finish this awesome drawing? Your cartoon astronaut’s drawing is complete! You’ve completed all six steps in this guide on how to draw a cartoon astronaut! There were some tricky details to work on for this guide, and you should be very proud of yourself for creating such an amazing design. I hope it was an easy and fun experience to work on! We’ve created the steps in this guide to show you how easy it can be to break it down into smaller steps.

Now you can go even further with the amazing details and extra elements you add! There are tons of amazing details and background ideas you could draw, and we can’t wait to see the amazing ideas you are looking for! When you’re prepared for better, our website will be the location to be. We have tons of amazing sketch directions to enjoy, and more are coming soon. It would be fun to see your take on this image, so share your finished cartoon astronaut drawing on our Facebook and Interest pages for us to see!


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