Boxing Gloves by Weight: Understanding Glove Sizes

If you are stepping into the Boxing world and have started looking for the right Boxing Gloves, you may be a bit confused by various sizing options. It is very tricky to decide the right equipment in the Boxing ring as it decides any boxer’s success. In Boxing, the Boxing Gloves are top-notch essential accessories, and protective and fitness gear as hands get the direct interaction in every punch.

Typically, bag gloves have a small, medium, and large standard size, which is quite simple. But Sparring Gloves and Competitions Gloves are usually sized by weight. We are here to help you choose among various sizing conventions and figure out the right size glove for you.

Boxing Gloves Sizes Guide

Numerous boxing gloves sizes are available on the market and online. They range from 4oz to 16oz according to the weight of the fighter. Moreover, there are general rules for the glove sizes for amateur and professional Boxing.

We will provide you with an introductory guide here to understand Boxing Gloves size by weight class.

Competition Gloves: 

It depends whether you are fighting at an amateur level or fighting elite competitions; they have specified the size of the glove according to each weight class. These specifications are established, and we will discuss in detail. In addition, we will provide details of each class whether, from heavyweights to master’s division whether from light flyweight to light-welterweight fights.

Amateur Boxers: 

(165lbs. Division and Above) 

The Amateur fighters who are competing in the middleweight and super-heavyweight divisions are recommended 12-oz gloves. The weight category lies between 153-165 lbs. The fighters with weights more than 152lbs must wear 12-oz gloves.

Amateur Boxers:

(152 lbs. Division and Below)

The Amateur fighters, either in Welterweight or lower weight division, must use 10-oz gloves, and this sizing rule is for every boxer who weights under 152 lbs. The lowest weight is 106lbs. And the size of the glove is 10-oz for the lowest weight class or a light flyweight category.

Professional Boxers:

(Super Welterweight and above)

We must guide you that professional boxers’ gloves are lighter in weight as compared to amateurs. Professional boxers with heavier divisions only compete in 10-oz gloves, and the sizing rule is for all those whose weight is more than 147lbs.

On the other hand, gloves for amateurs are for their safety, as wearing larger gloves will lower the risk of injuries.

Professional Boxers 

(Welterweight and under)

If we talk about professional Boxing, the lower Weight category matches amateur Boxing of 105lbs. Therefore, boxers competing in the Welterweight division or the below classes must wear 8-oz gloves. The other names of the lower weight category are mini-flyweight or strawweight. The boxers wearing lightweight gloves need fast speeds, and the lower the gloves, the faster the striking and response speed.

What would be the ideal weight of Boxing Gloves?

The ideal weight of gloves will depend on the size and type of Boxing, so people choose glove size according to their weight class. We will provide you with details of basic sizing based on the fighter’s weight class.

Heavy Bag:

Weight Size
Under 100 lbs. 6-8 oz
100-125 lbs. 10 oz
125-150 lbs. 12 oz
150-175 lbs. 14 oz
175lbs+ 16+ oz

Sparring Gloves:

For Sparring Gloves, you need great control over the size you want to wear. Usually, boxers go up one size that is 2 ounces to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury. For a versatile size that you are not sure whether to work out or fight, choose a 12- or 14-ounces glove size. One can choose glove size based on their training goals.

Some Pro Tips: 

  • It is very important to note that gloves from various manufacturers usually do not have the same sizing standards. So, check out the sizing information in detail before buying.
  • Try to use the heavier glove for sparring, as after that, when you wear a lighter glove in an actual match, it will speed up your performance.
  • The recommended standard sizes for training are 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz.
  • Try to buy a bigger size glove in the match rather than that exactly fits your hand.
  • Always do research or seek help from your trainer before buying any Gloves.
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