How to Defend Big Blinds With a Shallow Stack?

Did you know that making money off the big blind using card symbolism is generally impossible in the long run? The big blind in the bluff card game must call the full blind without seeing their cards (big loss) and will be out of position against most opponents after the flop.

This is an uncompromising position with a lot of potential for error. For example, when facing a raise, inadequate protection will cause chips to drain slowly and encourage your opponents to steal your blinds more often. On the other hand, excessive defending creates a difficult post-flop position because you are out of position with poor range.

To help you avoid these mistakes in online poker, we provide tips to help limit your big losses and increase your overall wins.

Big Blind Defense Tournament

Let’s take a look at some of the tournament-specific factors that significantly affect the optimal defensive area of the big blind.

Ante + small increase size = better chance of winning 

At the full table, Antes filled the pot with about a large blind. Combine this with the relatively small raise size (2x-2.5x) used by tournament players, and it becomes clear why the big blind can be defended profitably with a large reach.

Different stacking depth

Due to the different stack depths in tournament play, the range is much more dynamic than in cash games. For example, players with deep stacks often raise with a much wider range of hands than players with short stacks. As a result, the former can put great pressure on the latter. In contrast, players with smaller stacks can 3-bet a variety of hands for an advantage against opponents who raise frequently.

Cool Tricks for Money Games to Protect the Big Blinds

Pay Special Attention to the Size of the Action

Cash games usually vary in opening sizes from 2x to 5x or more. Therefore, be prepared to make drastic adjustments in defending your big blind as your chances of breaking a sweat may change from place to place. You have to hold on tighter and keep most of your range running with 3 bets against bigger raises and vice versa.

Use your Position against the Small Blind

If the action goes to the small blind, only one player needs to fold to win the pot. This stimulates them to raise at a high frequency. As the big blind, you are encouraged to fight back with high frequency to provide resistance. You are in a position where you are facing a lot of action, and you have invested in blinds that offer various protections.

Adapt to the Opponent’s Tendencies

One of the best aspects of playing cash games is developing reading opponents after playing with the same group of players for a while. You can use these metrics to make profitable adjustments to your big blind strategy.

For example, if you are promoted by a very close player in a bluff card game, you need to streamline your defense coverage. One of the easiest places to lose a lot of value in poker is with a bad big blind (BB) cover. You can call too often pre-flop, which will make you miss the flop more often, which will result in a fold on your opponent’s bet. You can’t adequately protect your BB just by dropping chips on the table and giving your opponents an easy chance to steal your chips if they open away from CO or BTN.

To overcome this, we need to have a solid BB guard area, understand how your hand can play, and figure what a solid BB guard defense should look like.

Position and Opportunities

If you don’t know card symbolism, players will unlock at a higher frequency as they approach the button. This is because they are less likely to play out-of-position (OOP) hands and are also less likely to win their hand. This causes the opponent to open a narrower range from the starting position, but a quieter range from the late position.

This should be reflected in our BB range. Of course, most of the time, you’ll get a fair price from BB, but you have to think about range and realize equality. Hands with high pair values, solid card symbolism color combinations or related combinations will recognize their equity better than others. The higher the card value and the closer the two-card holes are connected, the more raw preflop ideals are realized.

So, we only have to pay with BB hands that have a good chance of realizing their equity and can earn money from our opponents in the long run. This idea of play-ability is crucial. We want to make our post-flop life as easy as possible and limit those mistakes. The scope of our defense needs to consider this based on the position from which our opponent opens in a bluff card game.

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