Forex Demo Account UK

What is a Forex Demo Account UK?

A forex demo trading account is the best service offered by online brokers. Traders use the demo account for practicing the trade, analyzing the market, making strategies, backtesting, and knowing the market and its instruments without investing capital. Thus, an easy source to trade and learn about the market. 

Brokers provide investors with virtual money to invest in the demo account. Traders with the virtual cash buy and sell the instruments, analyse them to test the strategies that would work in real trade, identify which instrument will be best for their trade and goals. Thus, a demo account is a useful tool for traders as they have a small practice before they go live. 

The forex demo account is provided by the forex brokers who have forex market trading and services of the same. The forex market is volatile and thus risky, so it is a great opportunity for the traders to analyse the market before investing in real. Moreover, the brokers have several other facilities that make the trade more comfortable. 

How to open a forex demo account?

The process of opening a forex demo account in the UK is simple, with steps to follow. It is similar to the live trading account option. Traders can open demo account with the given steps:

  • To open a demo account, traders have to first get registered with the broker; for example, NordFX traders can visit the website of the broker, click on open an account, and a new window will open. Explore Detailed NordFX Review
  • Their traders can fill in the information that is required, like name, email address, contact number, country code, and password. Once completed, traders get registered with the broker. 
  • Next, traders have to provide personal information such as income source, employer, if any, tax details, documents, etc. 
  • The third step after the information is the questionnaire. In this, traders answer the questions relating to trade, investment, and any experienced traders have. 
  • The following step is uploading documents for verification. Traders can upload the documents that are required by the broker for verification. This helps them maintain a secure trading environment. 
  • The fifth step is selecting the account type, where traders choose the demo account. The demo account option gives practice and trade knowledge with trading platforms, tools, etc., use. 
  • The last step is using virtual money to invest in the market and practice trade. 

How to use a Demo Account?

The demo account trading has become widespread due to its high use in the UK market. These help traders to test their trading skills and other platforms for a successful trade. Thus, it gives an experience that is used in real life trading. Traders study the features of the trading platforms and services for a beneficial investment. Moreover, the leverage used is known; what commission is charged, spreads, etc., are also known. 

For example, trader Millet has never been into trading but wants to invest his income. So, he decides to open a trading account, but before that, he uses the demo account with NordFX. Once the account opening process is completed with the steps discussed above, traders can have access to a demo account. 

After, this trader gets the demo account with virtual cash to invest in various instruments. With this, traders can use the trading platforms MT4, Webtrader, and Mobile app for market prediction. Then apply the tools and indicators to get the notification about the price movements of the instruments. 

The virtual money of a demo account is also called paper money. Based on the investing done, traders apply the trading strategies, check which one gives the best result, and accordingly make the trading strategies. 

Demo accounts are a good source for testing, and traders can have a successful investment if they have studied the market. So, traders can have popular demo accounts for experimenting with the trade of various instruments in which they want to invest in. 

That’s how a demo account is used by the traders for investing and learning in the market. 


Forex demo accounts in the UK are the most feasible choice for beginners of the trading market. They can know the trade, market, tools, broker, trading platforms, accounts offered, commissions, spreads, leverage, etc., factors that impact the trade. A demo account, moreover, helps in testing the strategies and making new strategies that best suit the trading goals of the investor. 

However, these traders should choose the best forex brokers so that they get the services that are required for smooth trading. 

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