How to draw a cartoon girl: a step by step guide

How to draw a cartoon girl: a step by step guide

There is a seemingly endless supply of cartoons for people to enjoy. There are cartoons for the little ones and others that the 90-year-old can enjoy reed. There is something for everyone with this art form! Because cartoons are so famous at all ages, many people can learn to draw cartoon girls, only to get lost. The information is, this direction on how to pull a cartoon girl will reveal to you how easy it can be to reason out what to do! Make sure to read this manual to discover how you can do unassisted cartoon drawing.

How to draw a cartoon girl: let’s get started!

We will start this guide by drawing a cartoon girl, beginning with the hide. As you can visit in our connection picture, there will be two curved lines above the hairstyle with a small space between them. So under these lines, there will be two more lines that curl towards the center. We’ll be adding more to complement this hairstyle in the next few steps, so once it looks like our baseline image, we’re good to go.

Next, finish the head.

For this part of your cartoon girl’s drawing, let’s finish the outline of the head. First, draw the ears in the small spaces between the top and bottom lines. Then use a curved line to connect in abounded chin below them. Finally, draw a small flower shape in the space you left in the first two lines.

Now, draw a dress for your cartoon girl drawing.

For now, we’re going to leave the head on while we pull a skirt in this stage of our direction on how to pull a cartoon girl. First, draw a bit squatting neck between the head, as you can see in our reference image. Next, extend the shoulders of the dress from the bottom of the head, and then use two straight lines that start from there. Ultimately, join them with a slightly curved line at the bottom to complete this step.

Draw some more details for the dress.

This step of drawing your cartoon girl will be pretty simple! We will draw some line details on her dress for this step. Instead, you can pull a thick rough beneath her channel and then finish with two thin lines close to each other in the middle of her dress.

Draw some components for your cartoon girl.

In this step of our guide on drawing a cartoon girl, we will draw arms. These will start at the shoulder corner of the clothes and then spread down to the group with the clothing’s footing. As you can visit in the authority photograph, we have used a cute and simple design for the arms, which is quite effective!

Next, draw some legs.

Drawing arms is one thing, but drawing your cartoon girl needs legs too! Fortunately, these will also be pretty simple to draw. They will be close enough to each other as they come out from the bottom of the dress and end up with slippers.

Design the ponytails for your cartoon girl

Step 7 of this guide on drawing a cartoon girl will be another simple one! For this step, we will draw some ponytails for your cartoon girl. These will have small rounds at the bottom of the ponytails that connect to the face just below the ears. It’s easy, and now we’re ready to move on!

Refine the details of the face.

Your funny girl sketch requires a look before moving on to the final step, so let’s think about that now! Her eyes will have a large, circular iris with some curved lines around them to give them more expression. So, his nose and her smiling mouth can be drawn with some simple, small, and curved lines. Finally, once you are happy with the look of the face, you can add some line details to the hair and ponytails to complement it. Before moving on, maybe you could design cute wallpaper or accessories for her!

Now, finish your drawing with color.

Nothing brings an image to life like some pretty colors, so let’s add some in this step of our guide on drawing a cartoon girl. We offered you how to crack this design with our colors, so now it’s your turn to lead us on how you would accomplish it! There is no wrong answer or wrong way to do it when it comes to coloring. You should use all the colors you love and think are suitable for this character! Once you know the color scheme you want to use, what fun artistic tools and mediums will you use to complete this design?

Your cartoon girl drawing is complete!

Pat yourself on the rear because you’ve arrived at the end of this guide on how to draw a cartoon girl! You should be proud of the fantastic drawing you have in front of you now. We hope you enjoyed this guide a lot and found that learning to draw a cartoon girl was more straightforward than you expected. Currently that you can pull this feeling so well; maybe you could make some variations by changing her position, facial expressions, or colors.


There’s no boundary to how greatly you can customize your photo, so let your imagination run wild! There is a lot of fun in store for you on our website, so be sure to check out for more great guides! We have a lot to keep you entertained and will be loading more and more, so be sure to visit often! We’d love to see your finished cartoon girl drawing when you’re done, so be sure to transfer it on our Facebook and Interest messengers for us to enjoy!

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