Here is Why You Should Opt for Android App Development

Android App development industry has boomed over the last few years. From large-scale apps that deliver you goods while you enjoy at the comfort of your home to various other apps that let you communicate all that you need to with whomever you want, all is there for everyone.

If you want to build an app in today’s times, there are a number of options available. From native development to hybrid development and more, the industry offers you complete control over your app development lifecycle.

Two main languages are used for Native mobile application development. These are Java & Kotlin. Java has been the go-to Android App Development language for more than a decade but recently, a few years back, Kotlin was launched and it is now rapidly catching up and more developers around the globe are opting for this recent and more powerful language.

So, What is Android App development?

If you want to build feature-rich, beautiful, and robust mobile apps for your Android OS audience, this is for you. Android mobile application development is something that lets you build mobile applications that can be installed in the Android mobile operating system. It can be done using multiple languages such as Java and Kotlin (as previously discussed) and a number of amazing features can be incorporated in order to build sustainable mobile app solutions.

Why do you need to know about Android App Development?

After the emergence of hybrid app development technologies, many might argue that Android development is the thing of the past. But, development experts and mobile app strategists still believe that Android development has a lot of userss. It would take more time for hybrid technologies to mature and come at the level of native languages.

Here are a few reasons why you must not expunge Android development technologies from the list.

  1. Better performance throughout

Natively built mobile apps tend to have better performance. Same is the case when you build mobile applications using any of the native Android technologies. Whether you use Java or Kotlin, you get the best performance out of your code. In fact, android development is a much simpler process now because of Android framework like React Native and Flutter.

  1. Improved security and safety

Native development technologies have matured over the last two decades. This is why the security parameters and control over what gets in and out is better with them. Android application development offers better security and improved coverage of the loopholes, providing a better avenue for anyone wanting to build amazing mobile apps.

  1. Enhanced control over the design

Android app development gives you high flexibility and control over design and features. Whether you want to build an efficient section, offering you complete control or a fragment that performs just as you like – Android has all you need in the process.

  1. Accessibility to more features

Features are the core requirement for any software system. With native android development, you get the complete control over the accessibility to the device features. Whether you need to build a simple business mobile app solution or a feature-intensive mobile application, you get more features with native technologies like Java or Kotlin.

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