Amazing coffee hacks to try right now

Million thanks to that moment when coffee became a part of our staple diet. This second most popular beverage has done more than enough than just helping us wake up for that early morning shift or helping us stay awake for late-night presentations. Variants of coffee such as instant and easy dip Coffee have always saved us those few extra minutes and these two always come handy when you are already late for the office and are just rushing around.


Easy dip and instant coffee are the saviours when you just want to doze off, but then again you have a pile of work to finish. Apart from being of so much use, the coffee also comes with some amazing and interesting hacks that you would love to try. In this article, we will explore the same coffee hacks.

Coffee Candy Bars:-

This hack is as interesting as its name. All you need to do is pour some of your favourite small candies into a pot of hot water and then add coffee powder to it. Thoroughly mix it and then spread it in a tray and put it in the refrigerator till the time it is semi-frozen. Once it is semi-frozen, you can cut it in the shape of small bars and use it to top any of your favourite juice, milk etc.

Coffee Cone ice cream

Not only does it sound yummy, but also it tastes yummy. All you need to do is dip the front body of the ice cream cone in liquid chocolate and then rest it on the mouth of the bottle. Fill it with your favourite coffee and top it with ice cream and chocolate powder. And your coffee Cone ice cream is ready.

Marshmallow Frothy Coffee:-

This one is too quick to make. You need to start by topping your favourite hot coffee with marshmallows and sprinkling hot chocolate powder on them. Within no time these marshmallows will start bulging and your coffee will have the most wonderful texture. Enjoy!

Ice cream stick coffee:-

In a stick ice cream vessel, pour some tablet candies and add a mixture of coffee and hot water to it. Next, add some milk and then freeze it till it becomes as frozen as ice cream. Your ice cream stick coffee is good to go.

Homemade Coffee Syrup:-

This one comes in handy when you have no time to prepare that special kind of coffee for those unexpected guests. In a bowl take some amount of coffee powder and sugar and hot water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and filter them via filter paper. You can store the same in the refrigerator and use it for quick coffee preparation.

Coffee Lid:-

In a bowl, add a few spoons of flour, sugar, egg and then mix them thoroughly. Prepare a dough out of it and roll it flat in the centre with a rolling pin. With the help of a bottle carve out small circular shapes from this dough. Separate the remaining part and top the circular part with cashews. Bake the small circle-shaped thing at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Dip them in hot chocolate and then biscuit powder and enjoy it with your coffee. It is popularly called Coffee Lid.

Wake up Coffee:-

Yes, I know that that’s what all coffees are meant for, But this one is different. Try it for sure to feel the difference. All you need to do is add some ice cubes to a glass and pour coffee till the glass is half-filled. Now, pour some cola in the same mix. Stir and say goodbye to your sleep. This one is very helpful when you are feeling sleepy in the workplace. Tried and tested.

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Love Coffee Bars:-

Next time, you want to express yourself to a loved one, you can surely try this hack. Pour three tbsp of gelatin in a mixture of coffee powder, sugar and boiling water.  Let it come to a boil and then with the help of a spoon slowly pour the mixture into a heart-shaped ice cube tray. Freeze it. Next, in a pan add 3 tbsp of gelatin in hot water and add ½ cup of condensed milk. Mix it thoroughly. And again with the help of a spoon pour the mixture slowly on top of frozen coffee bars. Freeze the same again and your love coffee bars are ready to enjoy.


So, now you know what all you can do with your favourite beverage coffee. Most of the above hacks work well for almost all coffee types from instant coffee and easy dip Coffee to dark roast and cold coffee. And the best part is none of them takes a lot of time.

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