Top 7 Android Gaming Apps that you should Totally Checkout

Gaming is appreciated by everyone who keeps a Smartphone. But there are top 7 Android best gaming apps that you should totally check out today that invite fun. 

These games were chosen after constant research from the player remarks and crucial suggestions and have definitely made a significant mark in the game development company In addition, from a technical standpoint, these games feature safe software development to keep you confident overall. 

So let’s not waste more time and uncover our favorite gaming apps in today’s topic!

Top 7 Android Gaming Apps

Below is the list of the most impressive android gaming applications that are worth your look!

Along with a great idea and strategy at work, these games offer some of the best gaming features and functionalities as specified by a leading mobile game development company.

1. Asphalt 9: legends

Asphalt has some of the famous mobile racing gaming applications to this day. On that reputation, it is one of the best offline Android games for game enthusiasts. 

It has an incredible taste of conventional and modern racing simulation altogether.

Additionally, the game features impressive maps and catchy cars to get things on the right track. Moreover, the game incorporates different modes and challenges to keep the players right in the game.

With a flourishing reputation, this asphalt racing game is set to make a fantastic impact in the android gaming space.

2. Call of duty: mobile

Here comes one of the famous FPS games out in the consumer’s space. The impressive FPS shooting game is now a part of the Android gaming application. 

After gathering massive user attention as one of the successful PC and Console games, Call of Duty comes with a bang with its mobile app version. 

Moreover, the game provides a solid conventional FPS capability, unlike any other android FPS game.

Moreover, the game has royal shooting mode like other excellent games like Fortnight. 

Talking about the details and techniques, well, there is nothing specific. The game lets you be as creative and intriguing as possible with a specified mission to achieve. 

So, you are basically getting all the extraordinary FPS gaming functionality from this particular game. 

3. Subway Surfers

One of the most record-breaking and loved games of the year, subway surfers is a must-try if you haven’t heard about it yet. 

Released in 2012 by SYBO games, the game became a sensation soon, with more than 1 billion downloads and active users in a year. 

With intrinsic graphics, characters, and fun background music, Subway Surfers offers an amazing gaming experience to keep you intrigued for hours. 

Also, the gameplay is quite simple; the user runs around the streets as a city graffiti dweller while dodging trains, police, dogs, and other obstacles. 

And while you are on the run, you keep collecting coins, points, and powerups to keep you going and dodging the trains. 

4. Among us

This game has taken the world by storm with its raging public charm, mainly from 2020. It is still considered to be one of the fantastic pastime games in the android gaming application space. 

The game features a teamwork experience when you play with your friends.

In addition, the game revolves around the idea of fixing a spaceship with an extensive set of players. 

Also, there are dangers on the way to getting your spaceship back in business. So it is definitely the game that you can try out with friends today.

5. Crossy road

Here comes another signature game that you can try today! It is said that every Smartphone should have Crossy road installed in it. 

Inspired by some of the best-selling games like Frogger and DOTA 2, Crossy Road is surely an irresistible and hard-to-put-down game. 

The game takes on a chicken adventure on crossing a busy road. It is like an endless runner with colorful and funny graphics to steal your heart.

Along with the graphics and amazing sound effects, the gameplay of Crossy Road is exclusively simple, which makes it even more addictive. 

All you have to do is help the chicken move across the lanes, roads, and bridges without getting hit by any obstacles. 

6. Hitman Go

Next in line is the game inspired by and based on the famous Hitman Series, Hitman Go.  

Your favorite stealthy professional killing game makes its way to your Smartphones. The game features the same stealthy progression through every level that is complicated with search and accuracy. 

The game employs some amazing techniques and advanced technologies like virtual reality to offer an unforgettable gaming experience. 

The game takes you around as Agent 47, in which disguises, hiding spots, and strategic planning should be your forte. 

On the plus side, the game also includes the original agent 47 weapons as a tribute to the original Hitman. 

Players make their way into each level by showing the level of required stealth in killing the crucial targets.

So, it is the game that you should try today. 

7. Once Upon a Tower

Next in line is a game that is, by all means, a perfect contemporary spin-off to the conventional fairytale stories. 

Once Upon a Tower is a strategy-based game that revolves around how the princess sets herself free from the monster and the castle on her own since the prince is already dead. 

In the game, you would find the princess smashing the castle, fighting her enemies, and earning coins and powerups to survive against the hurdles. 

Apart from being an interesting spin-around of the traditional fairytales, this game also comes along with interesting graphics to keep you entertained. 

Also, as stated by the co-founder, the game is an easy pick yet hard-to-put-down because of the simple yet addictive gameplay it offers. 


So that was our discussion regarding the top 7 Android gaming apps that you should totally check out. 

Each game presents a different mood and style of playing to fulfill every player’s fantasy. 

If you haven’t tried any of these chart-busting games, well, you are definitely missing out on great fun. 

So, make sure to check these games today!

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