Everything you need to know about the medical billing process

The medical industry has been expanding its treatment potential and empowering humankind all over the globe. But still, the task of accurately calculating the medical bills based on specific codes has been categorized as the toughest of all. That’s where medical billing companies come into the picture. They help in streamlining the whole medical treatment procedure by governing the medical billing process in a professional and hassle-free way. Let’s try to learn a little more about the whole medical billing and coding procedure and how these medical billing companies can give you that edge of perfection above your competitors.

What is Medical Billing?

The process of medical billing involves the procedure of keeping a check over the treatment availed by a patient and then transforming this medical procedure, service, tests, or diagnosis into an alphanumeric code that can be easily understood by billing software and computers. Some of the most common details that govern this process comes from:

  • Diagnosis
  • Lab reports
  • Medical reports
  • Doctor’s notes

An ideal medical billing company assigns a certified professional to a medical facility that facilitates the storage and retrieval of medical data.

Why is it Important?

The medical billing process holds utmost importance for any medical organization and treatment provider. The key reason for it being this crucial is because of the unique patient data that explains the medical history of the patient to the medical professionals. Some other benefits of Medical billing and coding are:

Improves the Patient’s care procedure

Medical billing documents demonstrate their true potential when a doctor is unable to diagnose a disease. A medical professional can easily access a patient’s medical history, treatment outcomes, diagnosis notes from the previous doctors, radiology reports, etc. Familiarity with these things proves to be helpful when the professional is providing treatment to the patient.


We all are familiar with the complexity of the medical fraternity. The same is reflected in the fact that ICD-10 alone contains more than 70,000 medical codes. And we haven’t included the database of HCPCS or Current Procedural Terminology codes till now. The nature of these codes is completely different from each other. While ICD codes explain the complexity of the injury, illness, or death details, CPT holds the procedural data like measurements, anesthesia, surgery details, etc.

When the treatment procedure of a patient gets completed, the doctors hand over the treatment file to the coding professionals who are responsible for updating the database with the treatment details. This proves to be beneficial for the medical treatment procedures that may arise in the future.

Reimbursement facilities

Medical billing quality proves to be a game-changer at the time of insurance reimbursement. It is believed that a patient can manipulate the medical report to gain maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies. But manipulating these medical codes and billing information is not an easy task to accomplish. 

An insurance company only relies on a professional medical billing companies accuracy and expertise when it comes to the billing process. That’s why hiring these top-notch medical billing companies can surely prove to be the best solution for a medical organization.

Accurate Medical billing and coding process can boost the profit margins and professional productivity of a healthcare provider. So the best way to streamline the medical billing process is by hiring a professional medical billing partner like Medphine.

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