Winter Fashion Gear: A guide to Style Yourself this Winter

Winter is here, so are we with the latest and buzzing winter fashion trends and styling tips. The change in weather means a change in wardrobe, and with that change comes the daunting challenge of shopping season-appropriate essentials that are going to be your companions throughout and helping you deal with the chilly season while also looking stylish and on par with the season’s fashionistas.

From layering your outfits to going for savvy ensembles that will not only give you the needed protection to deal with the chills, but you will look the deal too. So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more about the weather-appropriate ways of dressing that would provide you sustainability along with the fashion assistance – for, when it comes to winter, fashion and durability during the chilly season must go side by side.


How to Ace Winter Fashion Style

Here in this guide, you will find mindful ways to ace the winter fashion game and look your extra hot self during the chilly season.


  • Mindful Layering

Layering is one essential component of winter fashion. Being mindful of it is not only crucial at saving yourself from the chills, but it is also essential as mindful layering can save you from a lot of fashion blunders as well. A messily layered outfit can be evident from its outward appearance itself. Other than that, it can be pretty uncomfortable as well to be stuck in an outfit that is bugling and is either too tight or too loose ( or even both). So to save yourself from such occurrences, no the stuff that you are putting together. Whether it has enough space to accommodate different pieces that you are planning to put together, for instance, if you are putting a slim-fit leather jacket with your outfit, it can have lesser space to accommodate too many pieces. You can pair the slim-fit leather jacket with an outfit, but stuffing too many pieces inside can be a considerable hindrance and will also look a bit off-putting too.


  • Choosing the Correct Materials

Choose the fabrics wisely as they can make a hell lot of a difference. The suitable fabric for the season will not only save you from the chills, but it will also help you with layering. Certain fabrics cannot keep the chills at bay single-handedly. Still, specific pairing them with other workable combinations during the chilly season can make a huge difference for you and your overall outfit. For instance, if you are pairing cotton pants or denim with a long suede or fur coat, the combination can be one solid and sustainable deal in the chilly season. The materials that we choose to incorporate in our seasonal wardrobes play an essential role and are great tools for even layering your outfits. After all, fabrics determine if they can sustain and prevent the chills from getting to you or not. Suede coats and lambskin leather jackets can make an excellent tool for the layering of outfits and pairing as well.


  • Pairing Outfits in Accordance of your Outerwear

Analyze your outerwear and pair your outfits in accordance with it, as it can save you from the unpredictable weather clutches and help you elevate your winter style in the best way. Other than that, knowing if the outerwear and an outfit go well together can save your time and all the hassle that comes with curating each look. It can already take a tremendous amount of time as winter means you have to choose multiple articles of clothes


These Little Things Make a Big Difference – Winter Essentials that Might Seem Small but are Must-Have

It is not always about the big things, but sometimes it is the small things that make a considerable difference. Many little things have utility during the chilly season, while they also provide you with the added styles. For instance, gloves are great for keeping your hands warm, but gloves also add that flair to your look and give it that whole winter look vibe; other than that, there are scarfs and shawls in many different materials, forms, colors and patterns that add the needed sparkle to your ensemble and also provide you the extra warmth in the chilly season. These things are not only savvy but stylish too, so it is important to note them and make them part of your winter wardrobe, as these little things come in handy.


  • Mix Warm with Chic

When your pair something warm with something chic, it is natural that your whole outfit would turn out to be an amalgam of something warm yet on par with the fashion and trends for the season. For instance, you can always accommodate staples that are both or maybe mix and merge different factors combining elements that make your end result an amalgam of warm, comfy yet exude the needed sassy energy too. So the next time, if you have curated a warm outfit, pair a leather jacket or a long coat with it to give it a chic vibe.


  • Mix and Merge and Experiment

You do not learn until you dare to try and experiment. However, it can take a certain amount of willingness and guts to try and experiment as experimentation means you can fail too, but on a good side of the spectrum, there are certain essential things that you will learn out of it that are going to help you tackle your fashion and styling in a better way. Other than that, experimentation will help you find your own personal style that can make a huge difference for you and is going to be a fundamental part of your personality, as it solves a lot of fashion problems as well and help you become more mindful.


Go for Things That have Utility but are Warm as Well


  • Posh Outerwears

Winters fashion means there is great attention on your outerwear, as they are the most fundamental requirement of the season. Before anything else, they are the most crucial aspect that drives instant attention. So investing in great outerwear for the season would free you from most of your worry.


All Things Winter Fashion Gear and Styling


  • Leather Jackets:

    they are stylish and trendy and come in so many different styles and variations. Other than that, leather jackets are warm, so that makes them one of the highest rating winter fashion gear. The most amazing part of a leather jacket is its versatility, they are one of those pieces that go with almost every article of clothing and give you a chance to go with them as per your own wishes and personal style. And, their warmth is one of the most remarkable aspects of it too. Leather jackets made from genuine leather make one of the most durable and warmest staples. From the sleekest styles to posh ones, the availability of leather jackets is in tons of different variants. Other than that, there are studded leather jackets, patched leather jackets and leather jackets with different forms of adornments and embellishments.


Here is how you can style a leather jacket savagely


  • Biker Leather Jacket with Black Linen Top Paired with Polka Dot Multicolored Skirt:

    this look is considered to be one of the most iconic ones. It is classy and chic and renders the otherwise intimidating and edgy biker leather jacket with feminine energy and creates an attractive contrasting impact. You can further accentuate the look with colorful studded earrings and stilettos.

  • Leather Aviator Jacket with White T-shirt and Jet Black Denim:

    suave and classy, this look is an emblem of men who exude confidence and grandiosity from their appearance itself. To give further upbeat energy to the look, conclude it with a cashmere scarf and glasses. For shoes – go with rugged Chelsea boots.

There are tons of different ways to style winter leather jacket men and winter leather jacket women. There are no hard and fast rules, and you can definitely modify them according to your choice.


  • Puffer Coats and Jackets:

    cute, comfy and classy – puffer coats and jackets great for unpredictable chilly days when you do not know whether it will be too cold, or the weather will take a bit of a u-turn, and you might be left feeling confused whether you want to keep that outerwear or go for a bit of a dare and get a taste of the chills. Other than that, they are great for keeping the winds at bay and come in a variety of colors that makes your winter outfit amazingly vibrant and upbeat.


Here is how you can style a puffer coat brilliantly


  • A long Puffer Coat Paired with a Mini Dress:

    this look is classy and chic and makes an excellent option for something extra and happening. The long coat would compensate for the lack of warmth because of the length of the dress. With moderate styling, this look can be rocked.

  • Motto Puffer Jacket Paired with Leather pants and Sweatshirt:

    all three elements in this look scream warmth and coziness. Other than that it makes one of the edgiest looks, that can be very well used for dates and parties.

Shearling and Furs

Synonymous to posh and luxurious, shearling and fur have always been associated with grand, the rich and opulent furs and shearing clothes make the perfect staples for the chilly season. As winter is the festive season, we all need something luxurious and posh in our wardrobes to assist us with the festive season styling. So with outfits made from fur and shearling you can ace the general and festive winter fashion. Apart form that, clothes made from fur and shearling are amazingly warm as well.


Luxe and Luxurious Suede

Made from the underside of an animal’s hide, suede leather is considered to be one of the plushest leather. Because of its delicacy, suede leather comes with a different amount of beauty and class. So investing in clothes that are made from suede leather will keep you warm and stylish throughout the whole season. Other than that, just like traditional leather, suede leather is used in different types of outerwear pieces to shoes and what not.

The luxurious appeal of the outfit would mean you can style the simplest outfits with your suede outerwear and still look stylish and lush.



Leggings are one important essential of your winter closet, something that you cannot do without. From pairing them with different mini dresses to making great use of them with your beloved skirts and layering to what not – they provide utility to their fullest sense and have contributed in curating some of the most epic and vital winters looks.

Conclusion: make your fashion game all the more exciting without compromising your comfort and warmth. Like aforementioned here – there are tons of different ways to look stylish, but also prioritize your warmth in the chilly season.

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