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What is home maintenance?

The purpose of an apartment building is to satisfy basic needs and social functions of a person, such as sleep, rest, starting a family, raising children. In this regard, citizens and utilities are required to maintain cleanliness and regular maintenance of areas and home maintenance. Residents pay the agreed amount on a monthly basis for repairs and other building maintenance needs.

The objects of the home maintenance service are: elevators, entrances, roofs and attics, basements, post office boxes, amenities and the adjacent territory.

So, What does maintenance include?

Generally, a condominium object   is  accordance with the agreement concluded by the chairman of the apartment owners’ cooperative with service organizations. Maintenance is a set of measures aimed at the operability of systems for a comfortable and safe life for residents of an apartment building.

The list of services includes:

  • maintaining structural elements in good working order;
  • preventive maintenance and inspection of engineering systems (heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning, garbage chute, chimney, elevator platforms);
  • lighting of the entrance and adjacent territory, areas and common areas (entrances and staircases, corridors, elevator halls, basement);
  • hydraulic pressure testing of pipelines, preparation for the seasons;
  • cosmetic (whitewashing and painting of entrances) and overhaul of architectural elements and buildings;
  • control over the condition of the house and its engineering structures (sewerage, electricity, water supply);
  • control of the operation of heat regulators, fire protection systems, elevators.

With questions of lighting, elevators, everything is intuitive. There is a nuance about the heating system. In new buildings, heating systems are individual, in the basements there is a heating point for adjusting the heat supply, regulating the flow and saving heating costs. Individual heating requires a specialist with the appropriate qualifications. The tenants are currently discussing with the chairman of the cooperative.

Sanitary maintenance of an apartment building and adjoining territory

A set of measures is   accordance with the technological recommendations and the norms of the current legislation of each country.

  • cleaning and sweeping of the local area, washing and disinfection (disinfection) of indoor general premises, cleaning the garbage chute;
  • cleaning lawns from debris, leaves, twigs, branches;
  • care for shrubs and trees in accordance with agrotechnical requirements;
  • clearing the territory from snow, ice; sanding;
  • washing windows and facades;
  • cleaning garbage containers, waste bins; loading into garbage trucks; cleaning of container sites;

The sanitary service under an additional agreement includes disinsection (disinfection of the area aimed at destroying insects) and deratization (a set of measures to destroy mice, rats, voles). The cost of services  depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

Emergency dispatch service for an apartment building.

The emergency dispatch service timely localizes accidents that lead to damage to the common and personal property of residents. The company provides services for monitoring the work of in-house engineering systems, accepting and registering applications for system failures or accidents. So, the next step is the execution of applications, identification of the scope of work and compliance with the deadlines for eliminating the problem, ensuring the safety of residents in the event (or threat) of an emergency.

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