Air Suspension Vs. Hydraulic Suspension

Vigorairride air suspension is something you have probably heard of, whether you are an enthusiast for cars or just looking for a smooth ride. Because an airbag suspension system offers one of the best driving experiences, this suspension system is sweeping the automotive industry.

Actually, it has been a popular choice for luxury cars, SUVs, hotrods, and low riders as well as mini trucks, and any other show-stopping, smooth-riding vehicle.

On the other hand, hydraulics suspension systems are some drivers’ favorite. There must be certain reasons as well. In today’s article, we will discuss these two suspension systems. Let’s see if air suspension or hydraulics suspension is better?

What is air suspension and how does it work?

We call air suspension air spring suspension or air ride suspension (or airbag suspension). Usually, it replaces coil springs with flexible, rubber-filled bags of compressed air.

The airbags or air springs can be inflated or deflated using a variety of electrical controls, giving them a smooth ride. In fact, this combination of airbags and air compressors, and air tanks creates a cushion that allows vehicles to glide over potholes and over rough roads. As a result, it also gives drivers the feeling of being in control, secure, and safe.

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What are some of the benefits of an air suspension system? 

Airbag suspension or air suspension kits are becoming more popular in all segments of the automotive market. They offer both conveniences while driving and performance when you want to show off. Actually, an airbag suspension system provides additional benefits, including a smooth ride.

Let’s check out some of the benefits airbag suspension brings:

No springs: In an airbag suspension system, rubber bags are much more durable and less likely to leak than hydraulics.

Adjustable: In fact, you can adjust the airbag suspension for each ride. Air suspension can be adjusted to suit the needs of the driver. With a simple switch, you can choose between a soft ride on rough roads or a more aggressive ride for better handling.

Towing capability: Air suspension systems improve towing capabilities for trucks and SUVs. Large loads can often weigh down vehicles making them more difficult to maneuver. Thus, airbag suspension systems are here to handle more weight.

Airbag suspension vs. Hydraulics

So, many drivers wonder which is better? Thus, let’s make an overall comparison below.

To be honest, the idea of air suspension sounds intriguing and cool.

To ensure that you make the right decision for your ride, it is worth comparing apples with apples. Then, it’s easier for you to choose the best option for your car.

Functionality: airbags or hydraulics?

An airbag suspension system uses an airbag that is enclosed in a rubber case. A series of valves are connected to a compressor to regulate the amount of air pumped into each bag. This adjusts the vehicle’s ride quality and height.

Hydraulic suspensions are similar to air compressors, but they use hydraulic fluid instead. A series of coils are compressed and expanded to adjust pressure and quality.

Ride: air ride suspension or hydraulic suspension?

In fact, a smooth ride is a hallmark of air suspension systems. This is the main benefit of the other system. It also means that hydraulics are always outperformed by airbags in terms of quality. In fact, airbags are often standard on luxury vehicles because they create a smoother ride overall.

Hydraulic suspensions have a stiff ride due to the fluid’s inability to compress like air. You can make them smoother by adding parts or upgrading pieces. However, this takes more work and costs more.

How about the response?

When it comes to raising, lowering, or “hopping” vehicles, air suspension systems take a bit longer to respond. Thus, airbags might not be the best choice if you are looking to perform a show. Airbags are superior because they can be collapsed to a list four times faster.

On the other hand, hydraulic suspensions are much more efficient than airbag suspensions. Because hydraulic fluid takes less time to compress. Thus, this might be the right vehicle for you if you are looking to put on a show.

Let’s talk about the maintenance of air suspension and hydraulics

Maintenance for airbag suspension systems is similar to that of hydraulics. Although they can leak, they are usually much easier to fix and less messy if you can locate the leaks. Sometimes, however, air leaks can be harder to spot than fluid leaks.

However, hydraulic suspensions are more prone to leaks and can cause a lot of damage. Hence, hydraulic suspensions require frequent replacement of pumps, seals, batteries, fluid, and other components.


Because you can start with a basic setup and get the basics at a very low price, air suspension systems are much less expensive than hydraulics. Also, it is possible to upgrade parts in stages, making it more affordable overall.

But compared with hydraulics suspensions, when it comes to similar vehicles, airbags tend to be less costly than hydraulics upfront.

FAQ about Air Suspension

In the past part, let’s answer some of the popular questions about airbags.

Are the airbags going to pop?

They will not work if the installation is incorrect. You’ll be fine as long as they aren’t moistened and don’t rub up against anything.

One of the most common myths about airbag suspensions is randomly popping balloons under your car.

Is air suspension good for daily driving?

Absolutely. It is a perfect option for drivers to use airbags in daily driving. Well, it will bring you an enjoyable ride from home to work. And you’ll enjoy the journey from work to home as well.

Is aftermarket airbag reliable?

Yes, airbag suspensions are very reliable. Airbag suspension systems are no longer some new tricks. Many aftermarket manufacturers even create products that are as good as, if not better than OEM ones.


Vigor Air Ride suspensions know there are many options when it comes to adjustable suspensions. Thus, they offer everything from a simple air suspension fitting to the most comprehensive air ride suspension setup available on the market.

For more information, you can visit their website. Air or hydraulics? That depends on your needs and preference, right? Enjoy your ride with a proper suspension system!

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