Teach Yourself How To Code

It makes sense to start by teaching yourself the principles of learning to code using all the free learn-to-code resources available online if you’re brand new to the world of coding and web development. As you take advantage of these resources as you learn to code for free. You will be able to determine what you like and do not like about coding languages or sets of courses before investing money into anything. Online tutoring also helps you a lot in teaching yourself how to code. During the free coding lessons, you’ll find that if you go through enough to find which direction you should follow. You’ll be able to channel your passion to study coding online in the most effective way.

Why does Coding feel Hard?

There are a couple of reasons why coding is hard:

  1. It’s super frustrating to install new languages.  As a would-be programmer, this is the first activity that I was assigned and it has remained one of the things that I detest the most about programming to this day. The difficulty of setting up a programming course can create the misconception that programming is really difficult because newbies tend to extrapolate how hard it is to get started to how difficult it will be for the rest of their lives.
  2. A lot of languages, tools, libraries, and plug-ins can be found these days. Getting into programming can be one of the most overwhelming things. Since there are so many things to learn and every step of the process is confusing.
  3. Beginners are more likely to enroll in early classes if they have already learned to program. Because of this unfair comparison, you might believe you’re not very smart when it comes to programming.

What Language/Tool Should You Start With?

There are some similarities between all the languages and tools used today. For instance, variables, looping functions, pointers, stack, trees. hashing and recursion. Most languages include these features. It doesn’t matter which language you pick—Ruby, Python, C++, Java, or PHP—you’ll learn them in the same way.

When it comes to languages, the only thing that matters is what you want to achieve with them. Would you like to write an iPhone app? If you choose Swift or Objective C as your language of choice, you will succeed. Are you in need of creating a web page? In this case, JavaScript would be of great assistance to you. If you tinker with a language and find the right plug-ins for it. Then you can probably use almost any language for any purpose. Although some languages are easier to use for certain types of projects than others, you might be able to start with them easier than others.

Which Resources Should You Use?

It is important that you get some resources to help you with your project after you have selected one. Choosing the right language can be a struggle for many people, but as with language choices, it depends a lot more on your end goals than you might think and isn’t as important as what you think. You can take the help of online tutoring sites or online homework help sites as resources.

In this post, I will not list specific resources. As it would be unfair to leave out some of the very best simply because there are so many good ones. I will instead share three strategies for finding decent resources:

Purchase a book that teaches both the language you are learning and the project you want

Any local bookstore or educational library will have a section that deals with computers, so just pick any one of them and you’re good. For example, I like the O’Reilly books, but there are lots of good ones. By searching Google for information related to your type of project, you can determine which language to use for your project.

Attend a MOOC

Among the many MOOC sites out there, Stanford, Stanford, and Columbia have courses on computer programming. Once again, the most important factor here is not the type of class, but whether or not it teaches the language/project that you are interested in.

Take a tutorial program/website

Again, there are tons of websites like Desklib where you can find code courses also online tutoring services are being provided. If this is your first time learning Python, you might as well start with the Google Python Online Course. Through its established language curriculum, it teaches you how to code in approximately 800 hours total. Then you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through doing projects for nonprofit organizations. The program is designed to meet the needs of learners who wish to learn how to code online. By acquiring practical, hands-on experience that will help them in the future and look impressive on their resumes.


We should not worry too much about which book or course to choose, as that would be a waste of our time. It is most important that you use the book or course to learn enough to start tinkering with your project. Rather than trying to master the individual aspects of programming. In the same way, you should feel the same way if you decide to start your project before you are ready.

  1. In order to develop simple applications, coding is a lot easier than most people think, at least compared to what most non-coders think.
  2. Here are some of the reasons why it may seem difficult:
    1. Setup is difficult and takes a long time.
    2. Trying to figure out how to get started is a bit difficult.
    3. It has been said that first-year students are filled with self-taught whiz-kids who make you feel like you are stupid.
  3. Here are some tips on teaching yourself:
    1. Choosing the language that works best with your project (website, app, game, script, etc.) comes first.
    2. You might want to build a small project in order to determine what language you will use. You can use courses, tutorials, and books to help you make that decision.
  4. Ask Google for help when you don’t know.
    1. Avoid copying and pasting answers.
    2. Do your best to figure it out on your own.
  5. If you cannot figure it out on your own, then take a few classes on the subject of computer science.

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