Top Reasons to Choose Android OS Platform For Mobile App Development

Amongst the many reasons to choose Android for mobile app development, a few stand out. For one, the OS has deveglobal market dominance. With over 70 million smartphones sold every year, the Android ecosystem offers developers a broad range of devices to choose from. The Android marketplace is also a much more affordable option than the Apple App Store. Compared to iOS, the Android market is also more diverse.

Here Are The Top Reasons to Choose Android OS Platform For Mobile App Development

Android is the high level of customization

Almost every smart device today supports multitasking, and while other platforms allow you to switch between different applications at the same time, Android is undoubtedly the best. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab allows multi-window tasking, which lets you run several applications at once. While Apple’s iOS has some similar features, it’s not as integrated as Android. Another major advantage of using Android is the high level of customization. And since launchers are a vital part of your app’s design, you can customize the appearance of your device to match your taste.


The flexibility of the Android OS platform is another plus point. Developers can create a single application for multiple platforms, and share the code with anyone who wants to use it. Users can download and install apps on their devices via third-party websites. With the support of the Android app development kit, developers can publish beta versions of their apps and receive feedback from users. The popularity of Android applications has skyrocketed over the last five years, and with it comes exponential growth in the mobile app market.

Android applications are easy to manage

Apart from customization, Android applications are easy to manage. Because of their high customization possibilities, enterprises can create customized applications that can add value to their users. The platform offers numerous customization options and is flexible enough to cater to enterprise needs. In addition, android’s robustness allows app developers to incorporate any changes to their apps with ease. If the app fails to achieve the desired results, it can easily migrate to another platform.

As Android is a widely-used operating system,

It has a vast user base. Its availability in the market allows developers to develop applications for the platform, even if the app is designed for one platform, it can be deployed on another. Despite its limitations, Android’s popularity has helped it gain a large market share in the mobile app industry. There are several other advantages to using the open-source Android OS platform.

Android supports a wide variety of operating systems

Google’s philosophy of innovation is reflected in the quality of its apps. For example, C++ and C# are more complex languages than Java but can be useful for certain types of apps. For developers, this language pool can be very useful for a game. It can be used to build games, as well as other applications. Besides, Android supports a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The flexibility of the platform.

Because Android supports C++, it allows developers to create apps in languages other than Java. These languages are more complex than Java and can be useful for creating gaming apps. Moreover, cross-platform tools can be used to create apps in many different languages. For example, Dart and Xamarin are the most common languages used to build cross-platform mobile applications.

The wide scope of clients.

The Android platform represents 87 percent of the mobile phone market worldwide. This is a huge market, and most of the people who own Android gadgets are mobile. Moreover, Android apps are more likely to reach a wider range of consumers. Hence, it is important to choose the right platform for your business. So, why not consider developing Android mobile apps?

The open-source nature.

The Android platform is open-source and free to use, which means it is easier to create applications on it. This allows you to create custom apps that are tailored to the target audience. It also allows developers to use the Java language, which is an advantage for mobile app developers. This language also allows for the wise allocation of resources. The ability to build a product on an Android platform is an advantage for businesses.

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