Top 7 Idea Generation Methods to Apply in Creative Printing and Branding Optimum Results

Are you looking to get some top-class ideas for your print brand or your promotional material? Well, we have some outstanding methods that you can use to get the maximum out of your branding efforts. We have curated some methods for the idea generation of your Creative printing brands. Some top idea generation methods will be discussed for your guidance that would take you far.

Best Idea Generation Methods

Some top methods that you can use for this purpose will be:

Storyboarding for Branding

You might be familiar with the name of this method, but how do we use it? It is a type of brainstorming that leads to a complete story that you can make. You can use this one for ultimate branding. When you are looking for a story for your logo printing, there are chances of this one coming in and helping. Once you start storyboarding. You have to take all the information to the next level with ideas from everyone. You can have a questionnaire that helps you brainstorm ideas. Some top questions you would use maybe:

  • What is the first one that comes to mind when you talk about this brand?
  • What colour would you love to see for this brand’s logo?
  • Name of which book does this brand remind you of?
  • Name of which movie does this brand name remind you of?
  • Which cartoon character do you recall similar to this brand name?

These ideas can be joined to make an outstanding, out-of-the-world idea for your print product. Then may it be something as small as a card’s tagline or even a complete story your brand tells.

Sketching Like a Pro Comes from a Group

If you are looking for some outstanding ideas for your print product, you can try this one with ac clear mind. What this method does is remove the brain barrier of not thinking visually. Then you have a complete clear visual aid that you can use for sketching and getting ideas. The product components that this method supports are:

  • A decent logo can come from this method.
  • Sometimes, you get a story to tell with a number of illustrated pictures.
  • A cartoon character can be made to be the cover of your print item.

This method would certainly be the difference you would adore. It can be a loveable product that results in improved help in the branding process.

Word Banks Brainstorming

This method can help you with the number of words you get from it. Once you dive into this method, you have a large number of words that fulfill your needs. Some top things you can get from such brainstorming are:

  • A company would love to have a great tagline that suits the logo and activities of the brand. You can get that one from here by understanding the methods you can use.
  • You can choose a colour for your print items theme that suits the company’s name. Some names may not be self-explanatory, but some would work fine for this need.
  • So, get this method to work for you and get the branding hype you need to create

Thinking Hats Technique

This one is the top creative one in this creative work. You can role-play to get the names of a best brochure printing with 6 different hats. With this method, you have 6 different hats that people have tags. One hat would be for logic, the second optimism, and the third would be a devil’s advocate’s role-play. You can also get roles of emotion, creativity and management roles. These 6 different hats imply the use of these 6 thinking techniques. You can try having names of printing blogs with this technique leading to a better answer to creativity’s need. A printing services business would definitely bring services to people, so there are 6 hats that think its name. You can try thinking in 6 different ways to present solutions.

Reverse Brainstorming

This method makes you steer clear of what not to do in your branding. If you are looking to use this technique, you must steer clear of mistakes that you could make. This would bring a positive impact to the results.


Brainstorming is the most simple technique that would help generate the following ideas:

  • You can have a great tagline and a caption for your business.
  • Try using brainstorming for business printing services that would simply do the job. Branding also needs a campaign idea that you would get from this technique.
  • Thinking about source materials could help you achieve what you need. So, try doing that.

Try this simple but effective technique whenever you feel stuck in creativity needs.

Judgment Technique

This technique involves using a method that asks for taking judgments from others. It may not be easy to be judged or get or idea judged, but it can help. You can have an idea of what will work and what will not. So, have a complete idea of your complete branding with this one. See what people love and what they abhor.

Last Word

Storyboarding, reverse brainstorming, and word bank techniques can aid in getting better results for branding. Moreover, you should try some most impressive techniques for a printing campaign. And you can use these for that too. Once you know the game, you have the ability to be perfectly straight to the idea. If you need someone who could do the branding work for you, there is a number of great printing agencies. One of the top printing press in Pakistan is Indus printing that would solve your branding problems. So, try getting some impressive work done from them that you need to complete.

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