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The real reason for the introduction of Trusted Approval in Telecom

In 2020, the government cited national security within the telecommunication industry to introduce Trusted Telecom Approval, a motion to compel the telecom service provider to only use trusted wireless products. This article discussed the issue of the real reason behind this approval.

As per the National Security Directive in the Telecommunication Sector, there are many telecom service providers whose network devices have the potential to harm the sanctity of India’s national security. Realizing this, the government of India came up with several measures to restrict the invasion of foreign telecom equipment (especially Chinese). After much deliberation, it came up with a new regulation called Trusted Telecom Approval.

According to Trusted Telecom Approval guidelines, any telecom service provider wishing to render data, voice, and other telecommunication facilities must only use approved networking equipment. In simple terms, service providers can now only operate using protects that have been purchased from “trusted” vendors.

The reason for quoting the term “trusted” is two-fold:

  1. It implies a government-issued approval, and
  2. And, it’s a regulatory requirement.

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But what is its importance? Let’s try to comprehend the real reason government introduced this requirement.

A look at the current telecommunication industry

Currently, India’s telecommunication industry is worth INR 12,000/- Crore. Out of this amount, 3000/- Crore market belongs to the Chinese telecommunication products. However, this amount is steadily declining, although in small measures because of the recent tussle between the two developing nations.

Furthermore, the “Vocal for Local” battle-cry that India’s Prime Minister gave us in an effort to pull the struggling businesses out of the rut has dramatically increased telecom manufacturing in the country.

“We are now witnessing an unprecedented growth in India’s telecom manufacturing industry” – Red Hat stated in an interview given to the Hindustan Times back in October.

It has promoted some Indian citizens to rely more on Indian-made products than imported articles.

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Curtailing the telecom invaders

Along with growth, India’s telecommunication industry is also facing stiff competition. While people have more options than before, most of them are finding it hard to focus their attention away from imported products. The reasons are:

  1. Foreign products have proven efficiency: Time and time again, Chinese manufacturers have proven that they can cater to India’s rising product demand.
  2. The inexpensiveness of foreign telecommunication equipment: Foreign telecommunication equipment is cheap. Thus, most cost-centric Telecom service providers find it easy to provide their services using those products.

Because of the above two factors, the government had two choices:

  1. Either promote better networking devices for domestic TSPs and ISPs, or
  2. Remove the choices telecom service providers have to compel to purchase in-house products.

As the latter options sounded easier, and it could curtail the Chinese Telecom invaders, the government of India chose to introduce Trusted Approval In Telecom.

Mind you, whatever we are saying is all speculation. However, considering the amount of time that has passed and there is other circumstantial evidence, we have to say that it’s the real reason behind the introduction of trusted telecom approval.


Ever since the trusted telecom portal launched, people are wondering about the reason behind it. While the notification that government-provided citing national security must have been enough, the given reason doesn’t seem enough. Thus, through this article, we have tried to illuminate the real reason behind it.

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