Places to visit in Manali for couples

The majority of visitors are accustomed to the temperature in Manali, so it comes as no surprise to them. The weather is good all year, making it ideal for tourism and outdoor sports. As a result, Manali has become a popular vacation for practically everyone, whether they are families, travelers, or friends. You may experience the beauty of this location in the summers when the land is covered in flora, or in the winters when the entire Manali is covered in a sheet of white snow.

  • Vashisht Hot Spring: A holy dip

Vashisht’s springs are the subject of various legends.

Vashisht is well-known for its numerous hot sulfur springs.

According to mythology, Lord Lakshman constructed the spring for Sage Vashisht.

Another tale has it that when sage Vashisht learned of his kin’s death in the Mahabharata battle, he attempted to kill himself in these springs.

Vashisht’s hot water springs are an important source of freshwater in and around Manali.

Manali Tourism has set aside separate tanks for ladies.

Because of the spring’s mythological origin, it is famous for its healing properties.

  • Van Vihar

The Van Vihar is a public garden located in front of the Tibetan market on the Mall Road in Manali, 750 metres from the Manali Bus stop.

The Van Vihar Park, which is wonderfully ornamented by deodar trees, is an ideal area to spend quality time with friends and family. A large number of locals and visitors visit the park to unwind and enjoy the cool air from the Deodar trees.

The lovely man-made lake in the heart of the woods is the park’s major feature. Boating is available for tourists on the lake. The park also has a number of swings for both youngsters and couples. The River Beas flows close to the park. If you visit the park in the evening, you will be able to experience the breathtakingly gorgeous vista of the sun setting against the magnificent backdrop of the towering mountains.

  • Kullu valley

Due to its nice weather and spectacular natural beauty, Kullu valley is one of India’s most visited hill destinations. Every season has its own distinct charm. Summer is the busiest season for tourism, with visitors from all over the world flocking in enormous numbers. Even in the summer, the nights are chilly and the days are hot. Seasonal changes may also be noticed in the flora, with cherry blossoms blooming in April and apple blossoms blooming in early May. 

Summer is a popular season for travelers from all around the world. When the rest of India is experiencing high heat and scorching winds, Kullu provides a welcome relief with its calm and pleasant weather. From December through February, Kullu may see snowfall. However, the snow does not remain on the ground for an extended period of time. 

The temperature decreases during the showers because snow may fall at the upper heights of the mountains. This is the time of year when the valley is most lovely, with trees covered with newly washed leaves.

  • Naggar village

Naggar, around 22 kilometres from Manali, is among the most famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. This Kullu district town, located 6,716 feet above sea – level, simply means “The Learned Man.” When visiting Naggar, tourists will find enough to do.   There are several hotel alternatives in the region, the greatest of which are Home Stays. The location is ideal for a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in the midst of nature. 

The village is quite quiet and attractive, which is reason enough for tourists to flock there all year. In the castle, there is a holy stone slab known as Jagti Patt. As the last remaining castle in the Kullu area, it is believed that the Jagti Patt stone protects the locals from any harm.

  • Kothi Village

Kothi is a charming town on the slopes of the Rohtang Pass, about 15 kilometres from Manali. It attracts travellers from all over the world for adventure and leisure activities, making it an ideal camping site. Everyone who visits the Kothi village is enchanted by the breathtaking view of the natural nature around the settlement. Most hikers on their route to Rohtang Pass stop here to camp. The snow-capped mountain summits, River Beas, and glaciers may all be seen from here.

 The stunning scene is well worth seeing and photographing. Kothi Village is located at an elevation of around 2600 metres above sea level. Aside from campers and hikers, it is also a popular destination for artists seeking inspiration and peace of mind. The visual splendour of the place has also been included in various poems penned by notable poets, authors who can’t get enough of the gorgeous village, and Bollywood movies. 

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Kothi is also an ideal destination for artists due to the natural landscape’s abundance of spectacular frames. During the winter, the region receives snowfall but is not as congested as the Solang Valley. As a result, it is an ideal retreat from the busy parts of Manali that visitors may visit.

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