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Why Home Remedies Don’t Work For Termite Treatment?

Trust us when we say that termites are resilient. Even if you find a way of killing them for sure or use the most powerful pesticides, you have to be thorough in applying them. If you don’t, you will not be able to kill all the termites, and those left out termites would breed and multiply, and then you will have another infestation.

So, it’s a given that homemade termite treatments are not very promising in killing these brats. But that’s how many people address this problem, instead of calling a local termites pest control.

Why DIYs Are Not For You?

Most issues arrive because of individuals giving “advice” who truly aren’t able to do as such.

A portion of the advice we’ve known about includes killing termites by pouring diesel on them. In one case, a client nearly torched his home since he chose to burn down a tree stump in the yard with an end goal to kill off termites. Any industry expert will let you know that diesel, petroleum, or some other kind of fuel will not destroy termites. Obviously, it will kill those straightforwardly impacted, however, it will not have any effect on the thousands of termites underneath the surface that you’ve missed.

Baking soda is another home cure that we’ve seen people apply. Baking soda has positively no impact at all on termites, and it surely won’t kill them. The other well-known termite treatment myth is utilizing vinegar, which similar to Baking soda is an exercise in futility

What people need to remember is that a home might comprise many thousands, maybe at times, even millions of termites covered far below the dirt settled in colonies. Pouring a cup of vinegar over a small bunch of termites that you can see at surface level is a complete waste.

If anything it will make your property smell horrendous, and that’s really the long and short of it.

That’s the reason we would like to encourage you to look for a pest control company when facing such a serious situation. If this is your first time looking up a pest control company, then let us help you. Use terms like” termites exterminator near me” or “termites pest control near me” to find a relative agency.

Apart from the lack of practical knowledge about termite colonies, here are some other reasons to avoid DIY for termites.

These reasons are why you need to re-consider applying DIY:

Termiticide Volume

Successful termite treatment for a small home regularly takes 100 – 300 gallons of termiticide. Give that spray access briefly. Up to 300 gallons of termiticide! Collecting up to 300 gallons of anything, not to mention a possibly hazardous substance like termiticide is sufficient to cut short your DIY termite control plans.

Treatment Techniques

To completely treat a permanent spot for termites the correct way, boring through concrete slabs and accessing holes by using specific tools will be important to apply the termite products appropriately. There are numerous situations where an average property holder won’t have the appropriate gear and expertise to ensure a powerful treatment happens.

Utilizing the Latest Chemicals

Utilize the most recent termite chemical mixtures to make a barrier and kill existing termites. Termite control results of the past are not as compelling as the most recent termiticides accessible today. To keep away from any disarray, the best, most recent items ought to be utilized on your termite control project. It’s ideal to pass on this to the experts.


Due to the sheer measure of arrangement and the application methods required. You may wind up in your crawl space burrowing and boring through concrete for a long time. Investing this much energy in performing such treatment will take a lot of effort and time, which might not be sufficient for you.

Termite Treatment Cost

Despite the fact that you can purchase containers of apparently minimal expense termite arrangements at home improvement shops; as a general rule you would be paying a premium for each gallon (possibly 2-2.5x more) over employing an authorized pest control administrator. The volume referenced above makes a costly DIY situation a reality.


Between the volume of liquid termiticide items included, and the hardware activity vital for fruitful termite treatment, health is the greatest worry for property holders. Without the legitimate gear, a DIY termite treatment could leave your home inclined to termite attack.

As you can see, not only your time but also your health can get affected by trying DIY measures. So, it’s better to let the expert do their job to save your family. As said above, you only need to search “pest and termite control near me”. Or you can try searching locally, like “local termites control company Brisbane” if you live in Brisbane or add the name of your town or city to find the nearest agency.

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