How to Start a Terrace Garden in India?

If you are looking to start a terrace garden in India, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first step would obviously be to identify a suitable terrace for your purpose. The factors that you should keep in mind will vary according to the size of your terrace.

If you are just starting out and looking for great terrace garden ideas, you might want to start small and then upgrade depending on the results that you get. This way, you will also not be overburdened with work and can enjoy the process of gardening as well.

1. Choose the right location for your terrace garden.

The best location for your garden would depend on the amount of sunlight it gets. If you live in an area where there is plenty of sunlight, then you could start a garden with both shade-loving and sun-loving plants.

Shade-loving plants are those which can survive well in areas where there is not much direct sunlight available. While the sun loving plants are those that require a lot of sunshine for their survival,

2. Decide what you want to grow in your terrace garden.

The second important thing that you need to decide is what it is that you want to grow in your terrace or balcony garden.

If you know a lot about gardening, then you could go ahead and start growing everything possible. If this is not the case, then it would be best if you did some research into which plants are ideal for terrace gardens before starting one.

3. Make a list of all the things you need to buy.

You can not simply go and start sowing seeds without having everything ready. There are a lot of things that you need to buy before you can even start growing plants in your garden.

A list would include the following:

  1. Plants or seeds
  2. Soil
  3. Organic fertilizers
  4. Wooden planks or bricks for the flooring
  5. A water tank or a source of water nearby
  6. Hanging baskets/pots for plants
  7. Get all the necessary materials and tools for gardening.

Once you have decided on what you want to grow in your garden, it is time to get all the necessary materials and tools.

Some of the things that you would need include:

  1. A spade
  2. A  hoe
  3. A  rake
  4. Secateurs
  5. Wheelbarrow
  6. A can of water
  7. Gloves

4. Design and plan out how you will lay out your garden space.

The next step is to plan the layout of your garden. This will depend on the space that you have available and the type of plants that you want to grow.

You can either choose to plant your plants in rows or in clusters. You can also choose to use containers for planting or go for an open garden layout.

5. Prepare the soil for planting.

Once you have decided on the layout of your terrace garden, it is time to start preparing the soil. This can be done by using organic fertilizers or compost.

If you are using containers for planting, then it is best if you use a potting mix instead of just soil. This will ensure that the plants get the nutrients that they require without any problems.

6. Plant and water your plants, herbs, or vegetables 

Once you have done all the necessary preparations, it is time to start planting your plants. Make sure that you water them regularly and keep an eye on them so that they can grow healthy and strong.

7. Care for and maintain your plants, herbs, or vegetables

Your plants will need regular care and maintenance to ensure that they grow healthy. This includes things like watering them regularly, removing weeds, or pruning any dead leaves off the plants.

If you are using organic fertilizers, then it is important that you do not overuse them. If this is not the case, then your plants might suffer from fertilizer burn.

8. Harvest your plants.

Once the plants have grown, it is time for you to harvest them, or at least some of them. This would depend on the type of plant that you have grown in your garden.

Some plants can be harvested as soon as they are ready, while others would need to be harvested on a regular basis so that they don’t die.

9. Repeat the process if necessary

If everything goes well, then you can simply repeat the process again the following year. This would include buying new plants, preparing the soil, and planting them in the same garden area.

If you want to expand your garden and grow more plants, then you can use another part of your terrace for this.


With a little bit of preparation and some hard work, you can easily create and maintain your very own terrace garden. This can be a great way for you to save money while also growing your own food. A terrace garden can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also tending to your own little piece of nature. So go ahead and start one today.

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