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There’s a chance you won’t be able to configure your range extender using the WPS method.

As a result, we’ll have to do the manual setup. Here’s how to go about doing it:

  • Connect the extender to a power supply and wait for it to turn on.
  • A new Wi-Fi network named ‘NETGEAR EXT’ will appear on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Open a web browser and select this network.
  • You’ll be taken to the mywifiext configuration page. If not, type or Netgear extender setup into the address bar.
  • You’ll ask to provide a username and password here.
  • You’ll notice that you’ve sent to the Genie smart setup website, which is To register your Netgear account, you will be asked a few questions.
  • After you’ve properly registered, you’ll get a list of possible networks.
  • Select ‘proceed’ after selecting your home network.
  • A password or the network key will require. This is how your wireless gadgets are connected to your home network.
  • Important: Passwords are case sensitive, so double-check that you’ve entered the correct one.
  • Simply select the skip option in the following step. Finally, select “use the same security mode and password as the existing network” from the taking menu.
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully configured your Netgear extender. You can unplug it and place it in an area where Wi-Fi signals are poor.

The above modules will assist you in configuring your Wi-Fi range extender to work with your existing network and making it a plug-and-play device for future use.

However, it’s possible that getting your extender up and running will be a difficult chore. Don’t be concerned. Get in touch with a trained network specialist to easily configure your extension.

You can use various popular troubleshooting techniques to get access to, such as:

  • Check for any loose cords
  • Move the extension closer to the router
  • Double-check that the password is correct

However, there are occasions when specific network settings must examine and changed so that the extender can communicate with the router while the rest of the network remains unaffected. The following some of the most common issues encountered when installing a Wi-Fi extender:

  • You’re having trouble with the basic setup.
  • The router is continuously dropping the setup page.
  • Weak Wi-Fi signals can’t reach the extender
  • Extender says network isn’t secure
  • net says the page isn’t available
  • Extender firmware problems
  • can’t go to the homepage
  • The web page says the password is incorrect

Get in touch with certified network personnel if you have any technical issues, such as the ones stated above or otherwise. Our knowledgeable specialists will resolve the issues in a single call, allowing you to enjoy your boosted Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. You can reach us at to schedule an appointment with a personal technician.

The following is a list of services that can be obtained by contacting a certified technician:


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