Is Winter the Right Time for Hair Transplant?

There are different reasons to get a hair transplant done from a reputed clinic in the UK. Some people wish to have a better social life, and some need to flaunt their hair because of their profession. Deciding to go for a hair transplant itself is a significant decision because it can change your entire personality. This is why you should consider various factors that are closely associated with this treatment or can have a deep impact on the result. One of them is the best time of the year to have a hair transplant. Hence, you should carefully consider the seasonal impact before you finalise the date for this surgery.

It may sound odd to some people that seasons have any connection with this surgical procedure. Though you may not find any direct connection between the seasons you pick for hair transplant and the procedure, there are some significant features of different seasons that can have a deep impact. This is why expert hair transplant surgeons always suggest their clients choose winter for this surgery.

There are many reasons to choose winter instead of other reasons for hair restoration methods like FUE (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION) and FUT (FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANT). At present, these are the two main methods that the top hair transplant clinics in the UK are providing to their patients.

Why Choose Winter for Hair Transplant?

When it comes to hair transplants, every season can show its pros and cons. However, winter has some distinct benefits which make it more preferable for this surgery than other seasons of the year.

  • Discreet Healing

If you do not want anyone to know that you have gone through a hair transplant, winter is the best season. Since the winter months offer you the maximum number of holidays, you can enjoy discreet healing without telling anyone about your surgery. Even if you have to go outside, you can wear fashionable hats and caps to cover your newly transplanted hair.

  • Low Sunburn Risk

Winter means moderate sunlight, which causes nominal sunburn risk. People are asked to protect their scalp from direct sunlight right after the surgery. You should not let sunlight touch your scalp for at least seven days after the hair transplant. Since the winter sun is not as powerful as the summer sun, the risks of damaging the scalp with the new hair follicles become lower during winter. gaziantep escort bayan , gaziantep escort , seks hikayeleri

  • No Infection Caused by Sweat

Winter months gives you freedom from sweat. Hence, your scalp will remain dry during winter, and there will be no risk of having infections on those wounds that can be caused because of extreme sweat, which is normal during summer or monsoon.

  • Be Prepared for Summer

If winter is good for keeping yourself indoor, summer is the right time to explore nature. You can have a lot of fun in summer. So, choose winter for your hair transplant and be prepared to enjoy summer fun with a new and alluring look.

For more advice, kindly get in touch with the experts of Want Hair Ltd. We will be happy to give answers to your questions.

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