Buying a Composite Deck – What to Look For

Homeowners who want a low- maintenance, durable deck may turn to composite material. With the market growing at over $1 billion per year and expected to account for nearly 33% of all such purchases by 2020, it is clear that homeowners across America are trading their cedar decks in favor of composites like fiber cement or plastic wood instead.

If you’re looking for a solid, durable surface that can take the elements and still look good in your garden or backyard then composite decking may be an option worth checking out. This material is made from wood fibers encased in plastic – which makes it more resistant to weather damage than cedar but not all brands will have similar quality levels when compared side-by-side because each company has their own unique process used while manufacturing these types of boards!

To find out what kind would work best based off durability alone as well as price point per square foot installed (the higher priced ones being better), here’s our list about how they differ:

We hope this helped shed light onto some things most people don’t consider before buying something like this important yet.

Recycled materials : Westar composite decking, made specifically for the Pacific Northwest comes from 100 percent recycled materials. This means that instead of being made entirely out wood or plastic pieces like other brands are able to do so by using up all their raw resources in one swoop – Westar only uses leftover scraps! The end result? A green product without compromising on quality which will help save trees while also making your house look good as new again brighter than ever before.

Wood-to-plastic ratio: The proportion of wood to plastic can vary greatly, with many manufacturers using an equal blend. However other brands contain up 70% wooden material in their products and this makes them much more vulnerable than those that use just plastics or metal composites for structural support; so if you’re looking out for quality over durability then go ahead!

Plastic type: Composite decks made from recycled materials will have a longer lasting quality thanks to HDPE plastics, which come from hefty items such as milk jugs and detergent containers. These types of plastic don’t disintegrate easily so they’re perfect for composite decking projects!

Questions to Ask Your Composite Decking Contractor

The following questions should be asked before purchasing composite decking:

What type of warranty does it have?

Some composite deck warranties offer a 10- to 20 year guarantee on materials and some even go as far up to lifetime guarantees. Check what kind of problems are covered under the warranty, such as termite damage or checking and splintering; you should also ask about activities that might void your protector: painting for example can be destructive in certain circumstances!

How will the deck boards be fastened?

For many homeowners, installing a deck is one of the best ways to enjoy their outdoor space. But this project comes with some risks that you might not have considered beforehand. Moisture damage from nails or screws being driven into softwood boards next to fragile underlying structures.

Does the decking material have non-skid protection?

It become slippery when wet or covered in mildew; so it’s best to look for one with a non-skid finish.

What degree of fading should I expect?

Because of the lignin in the wood, most composite decks will fade when exposed to sunshine. To combat this problem some manufacturers add UV protection; by using a process called “varnish” which requires at least two coats.

How can I extend the life of my deck?

If you’re looking to buy a composite deck, it never hurts to ask your contractor for maintenance tips. Different brands have different requirements and specifications so be sure that.  They are aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations before installation begins.

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