4 Steps on How To Get Medical Marijuana In Alaska For Patients

Alaska is the largest US state area wise that has legalized medical cannabis use in the year 2014. As an Alaskan, you can get your medical marijuana card without any glitches. However, there are steps involved on how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. The Last Frontier State facilitates its residents to attain cannabis through convenient and safe procedures. If you are 18 years old and have a qualifying medical condition, you can get an AK MMJ card. If you are a minor, you can still get benefits under AK medical marijuana program. But, only if the physician recommends risk-free use and parents are ready to become legal caregivers.

Qualified conditions for Alaskans to apply for medical marijuana

Wasting syndrome could result in a serious disease that causes severe weakness, weight loss, and weak muscles.

Cancer: Treatment of chemotherapy and radiation or have pain related to it.

Severe pain: If you have chronic pain in the body caused due to serious illness.

HIV: HIV symptoms could be managed with medical weed in patients.

Glaucoma: It can cause slow vision loss and other severe damages to the eyes.

Severe nausea: Severe nausea is also included in qualifying conditions for AK medical cannabis.

These are the approved medical ailments that could be addressed with cannabis. If you have one of the above ailments, you can further read this post. It will let you know about 4 simple steps to apply for your AK medical marijuana card.

Number 1: Consult with the doctor

The initial step is to get in touch with an AK physician you have seen in the past one and a half years. In simple terms, the doctor must be practicing in the field of medicine. The doctor will evaluate your current medical condition by physical examination and medical records. You will get the physician’s statement if the doctor finds you have an acceptable medical condition that could be managed using cannabis. It is necessary to receive the doctor’s statement to take further action for the MMJ application.

Number 2: Submit an application online

Further action you should take to submit an online application. You will have to submit it through Alaska medical marijuana registry. This is a crucial step on how to get medical marijuana in Alaska, so needs to be complete carefully. You must submit your physician’s statement in original. You are also require to submit a clear copy of your Alaska driving license, proof of residency, and age proof. Without all these documents, you cannot make the application submission accomplished.

Number 3: Pay the legal fee and wait

Alaska is probably one US state that has the lowest fee for medical marijuana application. You only need to pay 25 US dollars with the first application for medical marijuana patient ID. The card will remain valid throughout the period of one year. After that, you have to renew it with all documents even if nothing is changed. The renewal fee is 20 US dollars. After paying the fee, you have to wait for approval by the concerned authority. Remember, if your application is rejecte, you cannot submit it again before the period of at least 6 months.

Number 4: Receive your AK MMJ card through an email

Once your application is approved, you will get your card through an email. Your brand new card will be available in the mailbox, and you can take its printout easily. You will get it in 35 days of the maximum period after approval of your application. The authority will notify you upon the approval of your medical marijuana application in The Last Frontier State.

These are the simple steps on how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. You can follow these steps and can attain one conveniently. But, there are some rules and regulations that you also need to comply with strictly.

Rule 1: Upon receiving your card, you can only use it for the purchase of medical marijuana. There are more than 100 certified pharmacies in Alaska that you can visit for medical weed purchases, and you can only get one ounce of weed to possess for personal use. 

Rule 2: As an Alaskan, you can also cultivate medical marijuana at home for use. But, you cannot cultivate more than 6 plants at a time, and you also need to be an adult to do so.

Rule 3: In Alaska, you are strictly prohibited from consuming medical marijuana in public, and you have to consume it inside your private property. If you do so, you might have legal charges by the officials or hefty fines. It is also illegal to drive a car after consuming weed in AK.

The Final Say

Alaskans can benefit from the medical marijuana program. But, it is vital to know the whole procedure on how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. You can go through www.mymarijuanacards.com to book your consultation with AK physician now.

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