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What are the dos and don’ts of Local Cable Operators in India?

Local Cable Operators are not the rage anymore. Dish TVs and other forms of more expensive broadcasting technologies have replaced them. However, there are regions in India where local cable operators are still active. And they still have to follow the code of conduct to retain their business licenses.

Here, we are discussing the dos and don’ts of cable operators in India.

What a Local Cable Operators must do to retain his Local Cable Operator License?

If you’re a local cable operator who wants to retain the hold over your license, you must follow the following rules:

Registering with the post office

In the region you operate, you need to register your business with the post office. The reason for that is the nature of your business. Being a broadcasting entrepreneur, you need a localized oversight that only a post office can provide. Thus, as soon as you get the permission to operate as a local cable operator, you must register your business with the local post. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start operating your business.

Renewing the registration

To renew your registration, you don’t have to approach the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Instead, you need to approach the authority that has been granted power by the MIB renew your business – your local post office. Local cable operator license is only valid for one year. Therefore, you need to renew your registration at the local post office every single year.

Agreement with the MSO 

The Multi-system operator, whose signal you carry and then redistribute to your subscribers, must have an agreement with you. Unless there is a written agreement with a local cable operator and an MSO, broadcasting can’t take place. Furthermore, you must have a copy of that agreement with yourself and one with the MSO. Read More: Trademark Investigation

Informing the MSO about your customers

Even though you’re providing the services, the one you buy the signals to provide said services need information about your customers. Thus, every time you acquire a new customer, you must inform your MSO operator about it. Additionally, every time one of your customers make the payment to you, you should send a copy of the invoice of that transaction to the MSO.

When surrendering the MSO

When you’re ending the contract with the MSO, you need provide it a filled up surrender application. The MSO will use that information to inform your subscribers via the SMS about the termination of your partnership.

What Local Cable Operators shouldn’t do?

A local cable operator must not do the following lest he should face a hefty penalty:

  1. Services without registration: If you’re operating as a local cable operator without having the local cable operator license, the regional post office will report you to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  2. No interconnection agreement with an MSO: If you’re transmitting television signals to your subscribers without signing a written agreement with an MSO operator, you’re contravening with the MIB rules.
  3. Discontinuing the services without informing MSO: If you’ve discontinued your broadcasting services and you’ve failed to inform your MSO within 21 days, you’re breaking the rule.


Remember that these dos and don’ts are as per the TRAI regulations. While they are basic, you do need to keep them in mind if you wish to retain your business. For further details, consult with Registrationwala. Read More: Trademark Assignment

What are the dos and don’ts of Local Cable Operators in India? Know about how you must conduct yourself to retain your local cable operator license.

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