How to check car insurance expiry date online

How to check car insurance expiry date online

Car insurance in Pakistan is becoming popular day by day as people are now aware of benefits of having an insured car. With this awareness, many car insurance companies in Pakistan have also upgraded their digital presence and allow customers to get all information regarding their car insurance online. Some portals even allow you to enter car details, make details, some other personal information and it instantly calculates the car insurance premium that you have to pay to your insurer.

You must be aware that you pay an annual premium for your insurance which expires if the premium is not paid timely. You get reminders from the insurance company for renewal of your policy so you are not penalized with any extra fine on late renewal of your policy.

If your car insurance company has provided you with an online portal or user dashboard, finding your car insurance expiry date is not a problem at all!

You can check your policy details with following options:

  1. Submit your policy number
  2. Enter your car’s registration’s number
  3. Enter any other personal detail that will help the portal to fetch your policy information from the database.

Once you get the information from database. It will be easier for you to find your expiry date and from there you can easily get in touch with your car insurance company in Pakistan to pay for the renewal of your car insurance policy.

Why is it important to get your car insurance policy renewal?

Yes don’t forget that your car insurance provides you financial coverage for your car in case you undergo any mishap such as a road accident, collision, theft or loss etc. Keeping your car insurance policy intact without delays in renewal will keep financial risks mitigated.

When your car insurance expires, you will be vulnerable to financial losses in case of any damage to your car. You will not be able to make any claim for any damage during the period of expiry of your insurance policy.

If your car insurance policy has expired. It is wise to get it renewed at your early possible.

In case of late renewal. You will be liable to pay a penalty or late fee along with the renewal premium.




With digitalization, checking your car’s insurance policy and its status has become increasingly convenient and easy. Apart from your insurer’s website or portal. Also get in touch with their representatives or check your registered email for any notification or reminder for renewal. You will need to provide them with information such as your car registration number. Some personal details to check if your policy is active. This information will come in handy in case of an accident. Where you need to raise a claim at the earliest. Keeping in view above. Kindly Make sure that your car remains under insurance at all times and avoid expiry of your car insurance policy.

check car insurance expiry date online


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