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3 Things You Should Know About Wet Carpet Drying

Wet carpet drying is a time-consuming and difficult operation. Wet carpets can take weeks to dry, which is inconvenient. We warn you that this is not a smart idea since mildew could form and the room could stink if you do not properly dry your damp carpet.

It’s never enjoyable to deal with damp carpet, but it’s even worse when it’s wall-to-wall wet carpet. If you’ve ever had to deal with a wet, wall-to-wall carpet, you understand how delicate this situation can be. It’s impossible to have fun with a wet carpet. The difficulty is slightly different when dealing with a wet wall-to-wall carpet because of its size. If the carpet is small enough and there is a spot outside where it can be dried, most of the advice offered about rugs can be applied.

Vacuuming for Wet Carpet Drying

If it is determined that the carpet cannot be removed, make every attempt to remove as much water as possible. Many cities have rental companies that can provide vacuums that can remove water from carpets. Many different types of companies rent hot water extraction machines (steam) and use the vacuum on these devices to remove water.

If a wet vacuum is available, vacuum the carpet until there is no more water. Although a considerable percentage of the water can be vacuumed out of the carpet’s face, if it has gotten under the carpet and into the pad, it may be impossible to pull this water through the carpet.

The water has gone under the carpet at the margins or has crept through the back. Walking on a wet carpet will often reveal the quantity of water in the back, as the carpet will create a sopping sound if there is a lot of water under it. It’s critical to eliminate surplus water before employing the wet carpet drying procedure.

Carpet Pad Drying

If there appears to be a lot of water underneath the carpet, a section of it will have to be lifted. This is accomplished by removing the carpet from one of the corners’ installation strips. If the pad is moist after lifting a corner of the carpet, the carpet and pad must be removed entirely. This is required in order to dry the flooring. Buckling is caused by water on various types of flooring. The carpet can be replaced after the floor and dry pad have dried.

The pad may usually be dried by exposing it to favorable drying conditions. It won’t matter if it gets dirty or discolored because the carpet will hide it. If you detect a musty mildew odor, either kill the mildew or get a new pad.

Hot Water Extraction Method 

Another issue with dirty water on the carpet is that it needs to be removed while still wet. The hot water extraction process is about the only way to accomplish this on location. Many professional carpet cleaners have the necessary equipment, or you can rent it. It will be exceedingly difficult to remove dirt that has dried on the fibers. The vacuum will remove more water than the additional water added by the cleaning.

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