Double Ended Bath in the UK

The double ended bath is a large size bathtub. It is suitable for you if you have a bathroom that is a little bigger than the standard bathroom size in the UK. The common dimensions of washrooms in the UK are 2300mm x 2700mm. So, to install the abovementioned bath, your size should be bigger than this standard. Baths, without any doubt, are great amenities as these provide a great way to relax after a hard day out at work. With the covid-19 pandemic, the focus of the people has turned towards a healthy lifestyle.

Taking baths can be great as a part of a healthy way routine. Therefore, installing an appropriate style and size of the bathtub is very important. If you already have the one in your home, then you must try to get the most out of its health benefits. In case you are looking to install a new one, then it is important that you carefully consider all the possible options before making a purchase. For example, with a double ended bath style, you also have a similar size option available for single ended bath.

In this article, we will discuss these options with the perspective of size, design, budget and need for extra accessories.

double ended bathDifference Between Double Ended Bath and Single Ended Baths

When it comes to the choice of the bathtub, there are generally two types. The first is a single-ended bath, while the second one is a double ended one. The major difference between these two is the design and utility. The double end style has slopes on both sides, while the single end has it on one side. In other words, the first one is built for two people or a couple while the latter is for single person use at once. The slops on either end provide a suitable place to keep your arms and shoulders while taking a bath. Another difference that you may notice is that the double end style is deeper and more spacious than its counterpart. The obvious reason it is suitable for a couple looking for a sensual bath experience.

The Features Of Double Ended Bath

There are the following features of an double ended bath. 

Double Ended Bath 1-Size. As you may already know that bathtubs are available in a range of sizes and types. The sizes usually start from 1400mm and go up as much as 1800mm. That means the tub under discussion is the maximum size available in the fitted bath category. It does not mean that bigger sizes are not available. The bigger sizes usually belong to a freestanding category that is usually suitable for luxury or high-end baths.

2-Design and Type. There are generally two types of design features available. The first is you will have to choose between a freestanding or fitted bathtub. A fitted is the one that fits along the sidewall. It does have claws, and sides will need panel covers. In another way, the interior design can be square or round shape. You will need to choose based on your personal and design preferences. Moreover, why not think about installing a shower bath instead of a simple or bath as it will combine both bath and shower into a single unit.

3-Budget. While considering the budget, the double ended bath does not cost too much extra than its single end counterparts. Generally, the prices start from around £149.00 and go up to around £300. You will have to add installation and the cost of accessories into it to find the final costs.

4-Accessories. Whether you install a double end or single ended Baths and left hand bathtub, it will need a few extra accessories that include in case of the fitted bathtub, bath panels to cover all open sides and a shower screen to prevent water splashes. The cost depends on its quality and Type.

Are You Looking for a Double Ended Bath?

In this article, we had a discussion about double ended bath and compared them with single ended Baths. Do you think either of these can be a good choice for your bathroom? If yes, don’t hesitate to visit Royal Bathrooms UK, s website for the latest offers on fittings and fixtures.

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