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Motorcycle Tyre Changing- Details you need to know about it

In Southend-on-Sea, on a day-to-day basis, we see a number of motorcycles that are driven on the road. And on daily basis, a number of motorcycle tyres also get punctured on the road. Tyre puncturing is a very common process amongst bike users and they have to face this problem quite frequently as well. However, do you think that all of these motorcycle users would have an idea related to how to change a punctured tyre? Definitely not saying that they all might have no idea some might most certainly do but the majority would not.

So before we jump into how to change a motorcycle tyre in Southend-on-Sea by yourself, let’s first discuss how to know that a tyre is not in a good condition.

How to know that a bike tyre is not in an ideal condition:

The first sign which will tell that the tyre of the bike is not in a good condition is that the tyre will become flat with the passage of time. It if has a hole in it then it will tend to lose air with time. You will also be able to hear a hissing sound when the tyre is losing its air. If you fail to notice all of these signs then the last thing which one will definitely notice is that if the tyre does not have enough air pumped in it then there would be difficulty in riding the bike.

Fixing the puncture by yourself:

Once you have figured out that there is a problem with the tyre but you don’t know that where the puncture is or how many punctures does it have. A common technique that is used for this purpose is that you spit on the blemishes and see whether there are any bubbles or a hissing sound.

After that when you have identified that where are the punctures located, the next thing which you want to do is that fix the punctures. For this purpose, a repairing kit is available in the market that will have sandpaper and glue. Sandpaper is rubbed on the punctured spot so that it creates a better adhering space for the glue to stick on it. After that make sure that you apply glue to the patch and cover the entire area very carefully. This technique is for tube tyres so if you are using the tyre levers, be very careful with them otherwise they could hurt the tube and cause additional punctures in it.

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Changing the tyre by yourself:

Sometimes it also happens that the tyres are so full of punctures that fixing it wouldn’t really do the job. In this case, you would have to change the motorcycle tyre completely. For this, you will need to have important equipment like a valve core remover, rim protectors, and Windex. Firstly, you would have to remove the valve core with the help of a valve core remover.

After that spray a little Windex on rubber so that it gets lubricated and then insert the equipment between the rim and the bead. A little time will be consumed in order for it to be a bit pushed down. Use your hands for getting the bead out of the tyre. When it’s finally out, replace the old tyre with the new one and then ready the bead for installing into the new tyre and after that, you have succeeded in changing the tyre.

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