How to increase the limits on Amazon SES?

How to increase the limits on Amazon SES?

How to increase the limits on Amazon SES? How to remove Amazon SES sandbox mode?

Limits on Amazon SES

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When it comes to Amazon SES or simple email service, there is a very important question that almost every day I get that how people can increase the limits on Amazon SES? How can people Amazon SES sandbox?

In this article, today, we will discuss such issues and answer how we can increase the limits on Amazon SES and remove Amazon SES sandbox mode.

Limits on AWS SES and Sandbox Mode Removal

I told you this. Almost every day I get a lot of questions about Amazon SES. People ask me how to increase the limits on Amazon SES, and remove Amazon SES sandbox mode. People tell me that they send the request to Amazon. Amazon always denies the request. They wonder what the problem is!

To be honest with you I don’t remember that Amazon denied my request any time. This really made me curious: what’s causing Amazon to deny those people’s requests?

I asked those people to give me their accounts, their websites, and their scenarios to study them. So I can know where is the problem. After I got around 10 to 20 accounts, I did some researches and some investigation. I read a lot of people talking about this issue on the internet.

Why do people cannot increase their limits on Amazon Simple Email Service?

I concluded mainly three things on why there will be limits on Amazon Simple Email Service.

  1. The first thing is the account itself in Amazon. If you are not a new customer. If you have any bad actions like maybe related to credit card issues, or maybe you are using the services in weird behavior. This may cause you to be denied even if everything else is fine. So this is the first thing.
  2. Let’s now say you are a brand new customer, and you create a new account in Amazon. Everything is fine according to your account. Mainly we have two things now
    1. One is really very very important. To prove to Amazon that you are not a spammer. Amazon needs to ensure that this customer will not spam. They will not use their services in bad behavior. So you need to prove it when you fill this form they give you.

How To Remove Sandbox Mode

To open the limit and remove the sandbox, you need to prove to Amazon you are not a spammer. How is this? Amazon will ask you for your website, and your case scenario, and as your emails are double opened and whatever what you need to ensure to enter your website.

If you don’t have a website this is a high signal that you are a spammer because of how you are collecting emails without a website. At least you need to have a landing page or something you are using to collect emails or you need to prove that you are collecting emails properly, without a website may be using Facebook ads or so on.

Usually, any online business needs to have a website. If you don’t have a website and you are planning to work online please go and create a website for you even a blog a WordPress blog whatever you want.

Removing Sandbox Mode

Just have a website with some content about you and some opt-in forms there where people can subscribe to your newsletters. So if you provide Amazon with this website and they see that you have opt-in forms so this is a signal that you are collecting emails properly.

  • The last point is really also very important. When you request this form please don’t say “I wanna one million emails per month directly.” Now go and say “I wanna 100 emails per day or 1,000 emails per day or maybe 2,000 emails.”

Removing Limits on AWS Simple Email Services and Sandbox Mode

Keep the number normal. Don’t make things weird so the red alarm will direct light in when Amazon support gets your request “I wanna 1 million emails” directly. What is your business?

So you need to ensure two things

  • Your website is configured properly so Amazon will see that you are collecting emails properly, and
  • When you open the limit please set the number to a normal number like 100 emails per day, maybe 1000 emails, and so on.

This is the main idea that I concluded when I did research about a lot of accounts that got denied when they requested the open limit from Amazon. Do this and I think 90% to 99% times you will get approval as I told you.

I don’t remember any time I got denied because I have a website, I have a real business, I collect emails normally, I use ads, and everything is normal.

If everything is normal on your side you must get approved. If there is something weird, if you are a spammer, I can’t really help you then.

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