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Beginner’s Rule Book To Texas Poker Online

Ever wondered what could be probably the reason for the surging Texas poker online craze? Skill games such as Poker allows players to amplify their gaming skills and accentuate their expertise and make substantial amount of legit money.

Poker is a learning-based incredible game that sparks up the entertainment level while presenting a host of money-making prospects for players across the globe. With online poker platforms flourishing at lightning speed.

It only makes sense to be a part of the gaming revolution.

Top Rules To Play Texas Poker Online

Texas Hold’em Poker is played with a 52-card standard deck. The dealer deals two hole cards (face up) to each player after shuffling in a clockwise direction.

Post that, the dealers places 3 cards face-up known as “Community Cards” on the live poker tables. In online poker. The dealer’s functions are automated by the software.

Players need to understand and learn about the hand rankings for the proper arrangement of their cards. An online Texas Poker Online table usually has 8-9 players on it. And the players have to pay a buy-in fee to sit on any table and play for cash.

The first player starts with a small blind into the pot and raises a stake on the table. The following player then must double up the small blind after which the action begins clockwise if they have playable hand ranks.

Other Important Actions In Poker Texas Online


  • Pre-Flop Round

It begins with the player next to the Big Blind. They need to use community cards and kick off the round with Call, Raise or Fold on their turn.

  • Flop

In this round, the dealer places the card in the topmost position and then flips three cards up on the table. They are the ‘Flop’ cards.

  • Turn

Once the flop is revealed, all players act as per the strength of their hands- call, check, raise or fold.

  • River

The Dealer again casts off the left over deck of cards and puts the final card on top of the table for players. These cards are known as the ‘Fifth Street’ or the ‘River’.

  • Showdown 

Towards the end of Texas Poker Hold’em, a player on the table. Creates a combination of community cards for choosing a winning combination and the hands. Every player has to target a 5-card winning combination starting from the left of the dealer.

When all players have played their hands at the river. Its showdown where the remaining players reveal their cards and the one with the best five card hand wins the pot.

Final Words

There are standard winning hand rankings in Texas Poker Hold’em like the Royal Flush, Flush, Straight, Four-of-a-kind, Full House, and many others in the descending order.

Your odd calculation skills and the probability of hitting top ranks can give you a flattering win on the poker table. Developing working strategies and judgments can help choose the right games as per your skill-set, experience and knowledge.

Texas Hold’em Poker is the perfect game to venture into real money and access blazing promotions if you choose to play on reputed gaming platforms in India.

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PokerBaazi is India’s biggest poker platform where you can play online poker games and tournaments round the clock.

Newbies can learn poker for free through its tutorials and play free entry tournaments to gain experience in real time. Regulars can pick games as per their preferred stakes and win real money round the clock. 

The online gaming platform features the best of promotions, deposit and bonus offers that helps maximize your returns at the tables. Pick from exclusive events and series and grow your bankroll from scratch. Visit their official website for all the latest action and get gaming today!

Go and get your seats booked at the Texas Poker online tables now.

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