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A Step By Step Guide On Developing A Food Delivery App Like Glovo

Nowadays, on-demand delivery apps are capturing the market by making everyday life easy for users. Everything can be ordered through mobile apps, and it directly comes to your doorstep. What else do we need now?

Similarly, if I talk about online Food delivery apps, they play a vital role in completing the food craving of people. An on-demand delivery app like Glovo has changed the way of ordering food online. It has various advanced features that enhance the user experience and compel them to use it more. Globally, Glovo has gained immense popularity due to its ability to allow users to order anything they want for them. It all delivers within their doorstep at minimum time.

Glovo on-demand delivery app provides a wide range of features like discover food, discount coupons, local store, easy navigation, push notifications, and much more. Well, on-demand delivery services can help you in getting what you want. Let’s have a glance at the key features of a Glovo cone app.

Key Features Of A Glovo Clone App

A ready-made Glovo clone script costs less as compared to others. An on-demand application like Glovo is built, with three segments.

  • Customer panel
  • Partner/restaurant panel
  • Delivery panel

All these three are equally important when it comes to developing a successful multi-delivery app. Customers demand specific products, partners are responsible for the supply of the product, and the fleet ensures the safe and fast delivery of the products to the end-user. These three apps are mandatory if anyone has to run their own on-demand food delivery app. Let discuss each of them one by one.

Customer App

Easy registration: The first step of accessing any application is to register yourself in it. By registration, users get access to the app features which they can use to order their required items.

Choose location: It is necessary to ask users about their current locations, so that nearby partners’ locations can be detected who are providing services in that area. The app automatically filters the partners available in nearby areas.

Bookmark option: This feature help users to save their favorite restaurants and stores.

Order anything: Users can order any item of their choice in just a few taps. Once they click on the item and the quality, it directly saves in the cart option, where users can buy them by making payment.

Delivery option: Customers can ask to deliver their item to some other address as well. They only need to select the pickup location and delivery location. Glovo gives the facility to set a particular time when they need their item to be delivered.

Chat option: Through chatting, customers can track their order and ask for any additional requirements if they have one apart from the item which they have selected. It connects users with the restaurant owners who are preparing their dishes.

Scan and order: Customers can select their required items by sitting in a restaurant. All they have to do is to scan the QR code and then select their favorite dishes.

Order history: Customers can check their order history in the app, which helps them in tracking their past expenses.

Payment options: Multiple payments options are available in the Glovo clone app, which allows users to select their preferred mode of payment.

Partner App

Sign up: As I told you earlier, most apps ask for login credentials to access the app features. It helps store and restaurant owners to log in to the app and manage their items on it.

Launch promo: This feature allows partners to provide special offers and discounts to their customers.

Manage items: It helps partners to remove the items from the list, which are not available in the stock. With the help of Alter menu option, partners can easily add and remove any items.

Order tracking: They can track their ongoing order in the Glovo app by clicking on this option. This feature helps them to track their online orders and the current status of those orders.

order tracking

Efficient communication: Digitalization eliminates the communication barriers which apply here too. Glovo app allows partners to communicate with the customers as well as with the delivery boy who has the order. It reduces the possibility of late delivery.

Content update: Here partners can make necessary changes in the product images and descriptions written on them.

Delivery App

Sign up: Like others, delivery persons also have to log in to the app to access it.

Order management: Glovo provides a separate order management page to delivery agents where they can manage their orders in real-time.

Estimated time of delivery: It helps fleets to identify the approximate time to deliver the order to the end-user.

Chatting: Fleets should have the in-app chat features available with them so that if they face any difficulty in delivering the order, they can contact the right person.

Account history: A separate page is provided to the fleets, where they can see their earning statistics and how many orders he has delivered is also shown on this page.

How To Monetize On-Demand Apps Like Glovo

Usually, app owners find several ways through, which they earn money, but it all depends on the popularity of the app. Once your app captures the market, it will play a significant role in increasing your revenues. Below mentioned are some of the most used monetization ways of an app.

  • Store fee
  • Advertisements
  • Surge pricing
  • Commission fee

How To Develop A Glovo App Clone?

This is the era of on-demand apps which are playing a vital role in simplifying people’s life. Similarly, on-demand delivery apps are gaining people’s attention by offering them their required daily used items within their doorsteps. It’s not easy to develop an app like Glovo, it takes a lot of time and patience. These are the two essential steps that you have to follow to run your app in the market.

Identify target audience – Your first step is to identify the target audience and how you are going to approach them? For this, you have to conduct deep market research about the current market trends and customers’ choices. Your research will help you in making your app successful.

Find service partners – All types of on-demand food delivery app are totally dependent on the partnership. You have to build a fruitful relationship with the store owners, restaurant owners, shopkeepers, etc. They are the third-party service providers who will provide goods and items to your end-users.

After completing these two steps now you have to find a demand mobile app development company that best fits your budget. You can discuss your app ideas with them.

The main app discussion will include the UI/UX design, MVP, prototyping, monetization methods, platform to launch the app, back-end development, front-end development, testing, and deployment. Mobile app development service providers also help in deciding the right technology stack for the app.


Today, running a multi-delivery app can help you in earning high revenues and profits beyond your expectations. The scope of earning is very high here. Try to understand customer behavior and keep patience, success will automatically come to you.

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