Why Setting Boundaries is Helpful for Teachers and Their Students

Teacher boundaries

A teacher is a role model for students. A person to which kids look up for guidance. There must be boundaries between teachers and students. A professional attitude by the teacher goes a long way in developing a respectful environment in the class. Teacher boundaries come with the job; it is the teacher’s responsibility to implement them sincerely. In the past, seeing a teacher outside the school was a rare occurrence that is now not a novel experience due to social media. Ninis Tutors provide English helpers and tutors for all levels through the Lahore academy branch.

Scheduled interaction

The coordination between teacher and student should be during the assigned class timing only. The teacher should be teaching dedicatedly and with sincerity so that there is no need to interact outside the class.

No special favors

A big No for granting favors to any of the students in the class. No matter how brilliant the kid who needs extra time to explain a topic, all descriptions should be for class timings only. Granting a favor will open a flood gate, making the teacher approachable after the class timings.

No favoritism/equality among students

Favoring a particular kid for intelligence, punctuality, humor, or any reason should be kept minimum by the teacher. Favoritism in class creates a hostile atmosphere of jealousy and unhealthy competition among the students.

The teacher is not a friend.

A teacher might be friendly, but they are not actual friends. There is an invisible teacher-student boundary that has to be respected by both parties. Ignoring the border will decrease the teacher’s professionalism. When there is a friendship between two people, respect gets reduced to a lower grade due to frankness. Maintaining teacher-student boundaries is crucial.

Dependency on teacher

Being entirely dependent on the teacher is also unhealthy. Instead of making an effort to understand and complete the assignment dropping it in hopes of the teacher helping out in the next class is an attitude that comes due to not respecting the boundaries.

Stay formal (no personal contact)

It is the era of social media. Following personal life, opinions, views, inclinations on various online platforms have blurred the boundaries between many relations. The only proper connection should be through the appropriate channel of the institute. Student-teacher boundaries are crucial.

Stay in role

A teacher’s role is to teach. Keeping the focus on studies during class and not giving anyone the chance to divert the attention towards irrelevant stuff such as personal experience is essential for a teacher to be professional.

Be blunt (when pointing out errors)

Making concessions or trying not to offend the student by pointing out the errors in work and understanding is borderline negligent on the teacher’s part. A teacher should be ruthless in correcting the flaws of students.

Teacher boundaries

Students strive for the teacher’s approval and favor; they think it is an honor to become the favorite student. This desire of being a teacher’s favorite at times becomes an obsession. This obsession, in turn, fades the professional boundary between student and teacher.


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