Uplinking and Downlinking: Decoding the conditions of Granting permission

If you’re a broadcasting company, uplinking and downlinking are your basic requirements. However, you can only fulfil them if you have the permission to uplink downlink from MiB. It’s a permission that several terms and conditions and all of them quite complex.

It calls for a need to decode them so that you can file the application for uplinking and downlinking without any issue.

The conditions for grand of uplink downlink permission in India

Following are the decoded conditions based on which the MIB issues you the permission uplink and downlink in India:

Minimum net worth

Your minimum net worth must meet the eligibility criteria as mentioned in Appendix II of the Policy Guidelines for Uplinking and Downlinking. It states that you need:

Net worth of INR 2 Lakh to uplink one channel

Net worth of INR 5 lakh to downlink one channel

Simply put, to get permission to uplink and downlink, your net worth should be at least INR 7 Lakh.

You have to own the logo of your uplink and downlinking business

Ideally, you need to be the owner of the TV channel for which you’re permission to uplink and downlink. In that case, you need to provide trademark registration certificate of the same. In case you aren’t, you need to obtain the letter of consent from the owner of the brand of the TV channel.

Following the FDI rules

In case you have foreign investments in your broadcasting company, that investment must comply with the FDI rules of the time.

Disclosing all the details:

You must disclose all the information in the application about your shareholders and agreements that you’ve entered into. Read More License: Model Approval

Being honest about a foreign director:

If you have a foreigner that you wish to induct in the board of directors in your broadcasting company, you must inform MIB about it.

Informing MIB about a foreign employee:

If you hire a foreign employee in your broadcasting company, you must inform MIB of the same within 60 days of that employee’s joining.

75% of staff must be Indian:

As an Indian broadcaster, it’s important that what you do should be based in India and by the Indian people. Thus, 75% of your board of directors must be from India. In fact, they must be resident Indian.

Proportional shareholding:

All the members of the Board of Directors must have proportional shareholding.

Adequate Financial strength:

You must have adequate financial strength to run a news TV channel.

CEO should be Indian:

The Chief executive of Operations in your company should be Indian.


There are many caveats you must meet as a news channel company. Permission to uplinking and downlinking your channel is one of them. Read More License: P2P License

In this article, we have decoded the conditions on which you obtain that permission. If you have any queries pertaining to it, you must consult with Registrationwala.

Decoding the conditions of granting permission for uplinking and downlinking. Know about the conditions you must meet to get uplink downlink permission for your news channel.

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