Why you should worry about EPR License

There was a time when making money was the primary concern of the electronic producers. Just make the product, paste an price tag on it, and sell it; it was the beginning and the end of concern producers had for their products. 

Not anymore.  

No electronic producer has the permission to do business without paying attention to the Electronic waste. The Government of India, by making EPR License mandatory, has made sure for that. 

EPR License or the license to perform Extended Producer Responsibility is the mandatory requirement for importers and manufacturers in India. It’s the responsibility to either dispose or recycle Electronic waste (E-waste).

But even if its’ mandatory, why you should worry about it?

Let us give you those reasons to worry. 

You cannot start your business without EPR License

The registration to perform the Extended Producer Responsibility is mandatory. No importer or producer can escape it. Even if you have all the requisite certifications from the get go, EPR license is the most important one. It’s because without it, the government would consider your business harmful for the people of India. And when the government sees you as a bad apple, it won’t refrain from throwing you away. 

You need to have a recycler

It’s quite an expensive affair to become an electronics producer. From finding the right location to setting up the factory to buying the machinery, the cost you need to pay can be quite extensive. With the EPR registration certificate, it also becomes necessary for you to have a recycling unit within your factory. 

In case you don’t lack the budget or space to set up a recycler at your premises, you must partner up with a recycler. 

You have to allocate a specific budget to your EPR License activities

Central Pollution Control Board issues you EPR certification on the condition that you set aside some money for EPR activities. While it never specifies the amount, it’s a unspoken rule that you have to significantly invest in that. There have been many who tried to falsify the records about E waste management. As a result, things didn’t go well for them.

You need to keep an eye on the amount of electronic waste you generate

It’s important to remember that you can’t relax after obtaining the certification of EPR. Now is the time you need to pay close heed to the amount of electronic waste you generate. You need to pay close attention to the proportion of the e waste you’re generating to the amount you’re recycling.  CPCB conducts regular inspection on your premises and every now and then, they will order you give them this e waste record. 


Being an electronic producer, your responsibilities isn’t just to your shareholders, it’s also to the environment. While you’d think that the government is forcing you to bear those responsibilities, but the truth is, they can help you achieve growth in the long run. Every piece of old laptop you recycle will save your money and every raw material you extract will give birth to new products. 

So, while you should worry about EPR license, you must not lose sight of why it’s necessary.

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