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Psoriasis Marriages: Myths & Truths; Here’s what you need to know

Psoriasis marriage (Psoriasis) is a lasting skin condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches. It is a very common condition with as many as 10 million cases in India every year.

It is caused by a faulty immune system attacking healthy cells. There are many autoimmune conditions like thyroid, diabetes, etc.

Ironically, diabetes and thyroid can have serious effects on health if not managed well.

Psoriasis marriage

But where have we seen such remorse for these conditions? Nowhere!

It is obvious that conditions like psoriasis are visible on the skin and that leads to some baseless myths and stigma around it. This stigma and myths are way dangerous than actual psoriasis!

Such a disgrace associated with psoriasis results in poor self-image and an unnecessary consciousness about psoriasis in psoriasis men and women.

Obviously, this undue attention to psoriasis acts as an obstruction in psoriasis matrimony.

Psoriasis marriage; Myths about psoriasis that should not affect marriages:

1.”Psoriasis is transferable”

To keep it short, NO! Psoriasis is not contagious and it cannot be transferred to the partner, family, or anyone for that matter. Neither by staying together nor by sexual interaction.

2. Psoriasis is transferred genetically to children

Psoriasis has a genetic factor of only a 15-20%. The primary factors are stress, skin injury; strep throat, etc have an 80-85% share in psoriasis.

3. Men and women with psoriasis are unlucky:

People often associate bad luck with skin conditions like psoriasis. It is more prominent with psoriasis brides.

But these myths are completely groundless. It does not bring any kind of bad luck. It is high time we stop defining a person by their skin condition.

Marrying someone who understands you and your psoriasis:

These myths and taboos are a result of incomplete knowledge about the condition. As a society, we make up stigmas around things we do not know of.

If one marries someone with similar skin conditions, they would be able to:

  • Communicate much better as they would know about each other and what one another is going through
  • The fear of judgment and unfair consciousness about psoriasis goes away, and psoriasis becomes the last thing to come in between a successful marriage.
  • Stress & anxiety due to bad experiences after marriage due to marriage can further worsen psoriasis. When one marries someone with a similar skin ailment, families are more accepting and such bad experiences do not come in due to psoriasis.
  • Chances of separation and divorce due to psoriasis are not there.

That is why came up with a platform that is designed to help people with similar skin conditions like psoriasis meet over a safe matchmaking site! We are an inclusive platform and if someone without any skin ailment believes skin ailment is not a parameter for marriage, they are welcome to our site!

We at believe love is love, and our skin ailments do not get to take away the gift of a lifelong partner.

Your Skin ailments do not define you!

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