Specialized Trucking Service In Canada

Specialized Trucking:

Specialized Trucking Often known as Multi transporter or Multi-driver hauling, this type of commercial transportation service involves the transportation of one or more heavy loads. A specialized trucking firm handles a special kind of transport that is usually reserved for specialized loads, typically transporting hazardous goods, drugs, hazardous substances, or highly flammable or toxic materials. In this industry, there are specialized truck drivers who drive large trucks loaded with goods or ore to various locations while others are called cargo brokers.

Flatbed Truck This type of specialized trucking service has become very popular over the last few years, especially with the growth in the nationwide movement of freight. Flatbed trucks are designed with a flatbed on the back rather than a bed that angles into the cab. Because of the flatbed on the back of the truck, there is much more space to load larger loads and specially designed dollies are installed to help lift the heavy loads. The trucks have high-sided roofs and the driver can manually raise the flatbed to make room for more cargo. These types of trucks can generally only use in straight line transportation.

specialized trucking

Haul Trucks:

Haul Trucks These specialize trucking services are design to haul long distances. They can haul freight between areas by road, rail, or air. A haul truck can generally only use on main highways or very large freeways. Since these vehicles can be quite noisy. Often due to their size and shape they are best suited for transportation on the interstate and other major thoroughfares.

Car Haulers These specialized trucking services are design for transporting multiple cars at one time. These are best suit for short-distance hauling. There are several different types of car haulers, including enclosed units, open units, and sleeper cells. Some car haulers can even drive behind the driver to allow him to be in full view of the cargo. The open units have a large bed which is open to allow the lifting of the full-sized car. Most of these are design to haul trailers.

Delivery Trucks:

Delivery Trucks These specialized truckload shipping services can deliver products to a variety of locations. Typical delivery trucks have a large bed with a semi-trailer unit beneath them. The semi-trailer is attach to the bed with chains. And this method of hauling products is commonly refer to as a “tow truck.” This method of transportation is often faster than other modes of transportation due to the large weight limit of the semi-trailer.

Delivery truck drivers must also know how to drive large trucks since most of them are large. The driver should have specialized driving skills to operate these vehicles. Drivers are require to complete special training in their specialized transportation jobs. Many areas require truck drivers to pass a special test before they can apply for jobs in these specialized transportation jobs. Drivers who complete this training are usually required to undergo further training, such as additional driving lessons.

specialized trucking

Heavy Haul Trailer Companies:

Specialized trucking companies have create to haul heavy trailers by specialized trailer hitches. Some hitch types are design for travel on open highways. Others are design for use on narrow trailers that must cross streams and rivers. There are many types of specialized transportation trailers available.

There are many specialty trucking companies in all regions of the country. Customers looking for car haulers should look at several companies to find the one that best suits their needs. There are special dealerships located in every region of the U.S., offering one of these specialized trucks. Customers may contact the dealer to inquire about pricing and the availability of a particular style or make of vehicle. The Internet makes it easy for customers to shop for a specialized trucking company.

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