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Role Of A Book Cover In Book’s Success

A book cover is one of the most important aspects when it comes to selling a book. Because it can either make or break your sale. People will judge by the cover whether they want to know more about the story behind it or not. So you have to get that right! 

The other thing about a book cover is that there are many different styles out there, so you need to choose wisely if you don’t want your audience turned off from reading your work.  Here are some tips for making sure your audience stays hooked.

Most people get stuck with normal graphic designers, resulting in messed up book covers.

A professional book cover designer will know how to create stunning book covers that are appropriate for your book’s genre.

Tips To Create The Perfect Book Cover

1. Start by researching the genre and audience

The book cover has evolved to be more than just an image on the pages of a good story. A good book cover should draw people in, prompting them to wonder about the story inside. Moreover, it needs to reflect, or at least hint at the genre and subject of your book.

Make sure that your design follows industry standards without copying the work of others.

When you’ve chosen the perfect image, look at how it fits on various book types to make sure your audience can enjoy your book as much as you do.

Experiment with fonts and colors until you find something pleasant and readable for your cover. Then resize and format the final version so that it does not look stretched or blurry on a digital device and is print-ready.

2. Make sure your cover design is eye-catching and fits with the content of your book

Nowadays, people rely on visuals more than ever to make quick decisions about products and services. 

That means that potential readers of your book might judge whether or not they want to buy it based on its cover alone. 

If you’re wondering why a publisher would spend money on professionally designed artwork for a self-published ebook, the answer is simple. Because it makes good business sense! Here are four tips to help you create a cover that’s both eye-catching and fits with the content of your book.

  1. Research popular eBook covers
  2. If possible, hire a professional designer
  3. Find stock images online that fit your theme and message  
  4. Study the market before you publish

Make sure your cover design is eye-catching and fits with the content of your book.

3. Keep in mind that colors are important – they should be relevant to what you’re selling, but also attractive to readers 

Keep in mind that colors are important for your book – they should be relevant to what you’re selling, but also attractive to readers.

Don’t use reds or oranges if you want to write a fantasy nonfiction book; think about the mood of the cover and what it will convey. Colors can also help you get away with shoddy writing – it all depends on the book and the color.

Cover colors are an incredibly important part of any book cover, but especially for e-books. One reason is because the reader has to look at them in black and white before purchasing or downloading onto a Kindle device. 

Therefore, it’s important to have contrast between the title and the rest of the cover so that they’re legible in grayscale when it comes to ebooks.

Another reason the cover color is important for e-books, though, is because Amazon allows readers to extensively browse a Kindle store full of books. 

This means if a potential reader scrolls through five or six pages before finding your book, they’re going to notice those colors from that distance and it needs to be relevant and attractive to them.

Color is also a very important part of an e-book cover because there are certain colors that appeal more to people from different generations. 

For example, orange appeals to people between the age of 50 and 70, according to a Nielsen study . It’s also shown that men seem to enjoy blues and greens on a book cover, while women prefer pinks and purples.

4. Be mindful of formatting when designing your book cover – make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors!

Your book cover is the first thing a potential reader sees. It may have been sent to them by an affiliate who liked it, or they randomly found it while browsing through their options. 

When you consider how many books are being published these days, and all of them vying for a bit of that attention pie, then you will understand why having a quality cover is imperative.

In fact, some people say that a cover is the single most important promotional tool for an author. It sets the tone of what to expect in your book and can make it stand out among others.

By far the biggest mistake you could make when designing your cover is to not hire or pay for professional services to do this work. 

You may be tempted to use tools such as Canva or Microsoft Publisher, but this will not produce the same quality results.

The biggest decision when designing your cover is selecting a company or person who has extensive experience in book design and formatting. 

If you choose someone who does it for fun on the side, then things may get awkward during the process and leave you with something that reflects a lack of experience.

The cover needs to have a title, which you can abbreviate to 3-5 words maximum, and a subtitle if it applies. 

It should convey the message of your book in an elegant way which will make people want to read it. 

Make sure when designing your book cover – make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors!

Things To Avoid When Creating Your Book Cover

The book cover is the first thing people see when they pick up a book. It’s what catches their eye and makes them want to read it. The colors, fonts, pictures, etc., all play a part in grabbing the attention of potential readers. But there are things that authors should avoid doing with their covers if they want to make sure people will buy the book. 

  • Don’t use too many words on your cover
  • Avoid using clip art or cheesy stock photos that don’t look professional  –
  • Don’t choose font colors that are hard to read or difficult to differentiate from one another


The role of a book cover in the success of your novel is not to be underestimated. A well-designed, aesthetically pleasing cover can make or break sales for an author or publisher. 

If you are looking at self publishing and need help designing a killer cover for your work, our team has come up with some guidelines that should get you started on creating something unique and eye-catching.

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