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Increasing Workplace Productivity Isn’t Hard Anymore with AVS

A lucrative warehouse is one that is productive. You may be sure that you’re doing everything you can to maximize your profits by keeping your warehouse running smoothly. You can increase efficiency by buying and maintaining current equipment, providing safe and comfortable working environments, and paying your staff a fair compensation. We will talk about Automated vertical storage in this blog.

Take stock of your efforts and determine what works and what doesn’t when it comes to increasing productivity. Once you’ve figured out the best techniques for increasing warehouse productivity, you may stick with them to keep things running smoothly.

We all strive to increase the efficiency of our warehouses. It can feel like never-ending vicious cycle, but there are things retailers can do to keep businesses running smoothly.

Let’s discuss them today.

Increasing Workplace Productivity with Automated Vertical Storage

Automated vertical storage is a method that compresses storage space vertically while automatically dispersing inventory using mechanical features and software. Automated vertical storage systems allow staff to quickly obtain in-need items from a single location by intelligently packing inventory (e.g., by volume, size, SKU, kind, weight, etc.) into bins or trays.

Rather than physically pulling parts from bins strewn across the inventory room, staff may simply locate the item they require, have it mechanically dispensed from the vertical storage system’s access point, and promptly get the resources they require. The same is true for inventory storage, which works in the opposite direction.

Picking Time is Cut in Half

The average gain in pick productivity for warehouses that upgrade their inventory systems from traditional or pen-and-paper-based operations to integrated, intelligent, and automated systems is around 30%.

Using intelligent inventory software and unique controllers, Material handling automation solutions allow workers to obtain essential parts automatically. As a result, instead of wasting time manually looking for parts, workers may easily retrieve and store them.

Picking time can be reduced from minutes to seconds using storage systems, allowing to save labor and boost overall productivity.

There are fewer injuries

Injured workers not only result in workers’ compensation claims and medical costs, but they also reduce productivity. On-job injuries cost the economy more than $50 billion loss per year in productivity.

Many of these accidents are caused by falling items, slips and falls, and other problems caused by excess inventory and long trips to parts. Workers can spend less time walking using automated vertical storage systems, and the danger of inventory-related injuries is reduced because inventory is stored in a closed system.

Vertical storage solutions, on the other hand, lower the general dispersion of inventory throughout the office, freeing up floor space.

Eliminating redundancy

Reduce the amount of time you spend walking. Walking time accounts for almost half of the overall time spent selecting. Finding solutions to reduce the amount of time spent walking as number of SKUs handled by warehouses grows is critical. Pickers only have to walk to one location with automatic vertical storage: the receptacle.

Workers can rapidly locate and collect parts because all inventory is automatically saved and retrieved in a single, closed system. This allows you to put employees’ time to better use in other areas of organization, increasing productivity and decreasing waste.

Having only one receptacle also helps to avoid wasting time and productivity throughout the inventory retrieval process owing to distractions. Dispersing merchandise horizontally throughout a large space presents a plethora of possible diversions, from speaking with colleagues to time spent grabbing food.

Employees may rapidly get items and get back to using them after all of inventory is obtained from one location.

There is only one access point

Almost a third of employees spend more than an hour per week looking for supplies. Those accumulating hours might soon turn into productivity sinks, depending on the number of staff you have.

By combining everything into one place, you’ll be able to save time and money. Employees may spend less time looking for goods and more time using them thanks to the lift, which quickly transports required items to the retrieval point for picking and shipping.

Key Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

Here are some tips for boosting your warehouse efficiency:

Improve the layout of the warehouse

Examine the layout of the warehouse. Organize your products in a logical arrangement and make sure they can be retrieved quickly and effortlessly. Make any necessary changes to the layout. Place the most popular items in the most strategic locations so that employees can pick more efficiently.

Use a vertical automated storage and retrieval system that can structure so that the most commonly ordered products are closest to the worker, allowing for speedier product picking.

Today’s workload should be managed

  • Do you have a system in place to manage your workload so that you can process and ship all orders the same day they arrive? Or are you simply filling whatever orders you can before closing time (or a certain percentage of orders before a cut-off period)?
  • Do you have the manpower flexibility and capability to process and ship all orders the same day they are received? To satisfy consumer expectations, most centers should make this a priority. Rather than working to the clock, work to the strategy to fulfill all orders.

We see system displays and monitors in some larger, well-managed fulfillment facilities that tell department managers and staff how many orders are in their departments and how many need to be fulfilled before the end of the shift.

It’s a constant effort to keep a warehouse running smoothly in order to maximize returns. You can increase efficiency by buying and maintaining the current Scan Tunnel, providing safe and comfortable working environments, and paying your staff fair compensation.

Following the aforementioned terrific techniques and tips to boost warehouse productivity can reap benefits of a productive efficient warehouse environment.

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