Dependence Of The Height Of the Ridge Of A Gable Roof On The Type Of Coverage

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We have already presented a gable roof with an equilateral triangle. And the leg of its rectangular counterpart represents the height of the ridge, dividing the structure into two symmetrical parts which obtain. 

In the geometric shape, we create, all the components are in interconnect, including the angles and side lengths.

As roof designers, our interest is in the angle of its slope. It is directly dependent on the type and technical characteristics of the roofing. It is he who will help determine the optimal height of the designed structure.


Dependence of the height of the ridge of a gable roof on the type of coverage


There are several rules for the selection of roofing material, taking into account the height of the ridge and the steepness of the roof, these are:

  • The smaller the piece roofing elements, the greater the angle of inclination of the pitched planes must be. Numerous joints of piece coatings create prerequisites for moisture penetration under the roof, therefore precipitation must accelerate.
  • The lower the roof, the fewer joints and seams there should be on the covering. The priority for the arrangement is large-sheet and roll roofs. The slope can be calculated using the slope intercept form calculator.
  • The heavier the roof, the steeper the roof should build. The weight of massive elements will distribute in projection per unit area of ​​the base. As a result, the higher the ridge, the fewer weight presses on the rafter system and overlap.
  • True, arranging a steep roof with a high ridge will cost more. It will take 1.5 times more material to erect a structure with a slope of 45º than to cover a flat roof with a steepness of up to 7 – 10º. And if the slope titles at an angle of 60º, the costs will double.

Usually, the range of suitable slope angles by roofing manufacturers, the indication of its in the instructions. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer’s recommendation should follow in the name of the long-term service of the structure. 

Knowing the recommended angle of inclination, the width of the eaves, and the dimensions of the house box, you can find the height of the ridge in the course of simple geometric constructions. However, in designing roofs, it is not only the graphical method that you can use.

The slope of the slopes is indicated by degrees, percent, or decimal fraction, in the numerator of which the height of the ridge is indicated, in the denominator – half of the span to be overlapped. All three slope expressions are in interrelation, but the latter is more convenient on-site.

There are few people who want to postpone the slope of the slope with a construction protractor at the facility. Moreover, the process of installing layered rafters, for example, is carried out on an already installed ridge girder. 

Moreover, those. you need to know the height of the ridge in advance. This is another compelling reason for the interest in calculating skate height.

There is a general attitude towards the percentage of roof slope both among craftsmen and among domestic craftsmen. In addition, interest will only help you get confusion. 

The most acceptable method of displaying the slope is the ratio of the height of the ridge to the half of the span to cover. The usage of it is most often on the construction site.


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