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Start Your Online Store with Niche Market | E-Commerce Guide

The plus point is not having the huge capital to start an online store. Having the right direction to invest money to earn back greater is the actual game. Similarly, little money but invested in the right direction can help your business grow.

There are thousands of e-commerce industries but not all of them are winning the race. Therefore, to stand out in the market, be completely conscious of what you are going to sell.

Choose to be an expert online seller than a generalist

Have you ever heard, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? This idiom means that a generalist can acceptably do everything. Whereas, an expert is a “master of one thing” – means he does one specific thing with perfection. Similarly, this expression holds for e-commerce business owners.

Therefore, selling niche products is all about narrowing down the market and selling one perfectly manufactured product.

However, people are more likely to go for specialists rather than choosing the generalist when they are spending money. Thus, specifying a niche in the e-commerce industry as the go-to brand for a specific audience builds your credibility. Plus, it results in helping you take over the generalists.

Let’s understand what a niche market is and how it can benefit entrepreneurs.  Later on, we will be discussing which platforms are available to help you create your online store.

How niche market is determined

Niche market refers to a unique market segment that is fragmented by narrowing down the larger market. This separation is based upon the unique customer demands, products preferences or identity.

Primarily, a unique market is always different from the larger market bases upon the:


Segmentation Factors Variants
Product Price Luxury – Moderate – Discount
Product Quality Premium – Handmade – Economical
Demographics Gender – Age – Education – Income – Ethnicity – Religion
Geographic Country – City – Same Region
Psychographics Values – Interests – Opinions

Well, it is a strategic process to define a niche for your e-commerce store to stand out in the market. Thus, it’s all about serving the targeted customers with better services/products than competitors who serve the larger customer base.

Benefits of selling niche products on online store

The benefits of a niche market that large markets have not capitalized on are:

1. Lower Advertisement Costs

There are two factors from which the costs are reduced in terms of advertisement.

  1. Niche products/services don’t require you to serve a larger number of people. Therefore, you don’t have to reach a greater audience to advertise your product/services.
  2. When you have narrowed down the market, you don’t have many products to sell. So advertisement costs are conversely reduced as only one product require advertisement costs.

Moreover, experts suggest rising with Google AdWords for advertisement. Whereas there are other options too in this regard. Primarily, it depends on what niche product you’re selling. Then you decide which platform to choose for advertisement.

However, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most commonly used platforms to spend a lot of money to gain a good ROI.

2. Greater Number of Potential Customers

Selling niche products and standing out in the market allows you to have a strong customer base. There are many factors involved in driving greater potential customers to your niche such as:

  1. More specific product/service.
  2. High-quality and credible product/service.
  3. Fits right for a specific base of customers.
  4. Easily marketable as just one product and a lesser targeted audience.
  5. Niche atomicity is the thing that allows easier collaboration with influencers to market it.

3. Lessened Toughness in the Competition

Niche products are lesser vulnerable to competition in the market. The ability to be different helps you to easily overcome the old-fashioned products/services.

As per the buyer behaviors, word-of-mouth is the greatest means of marketing. Once you have started getting good reviews, people are more likely to tell others about the product/service quality. These reviews and feedback spread like fire in the forest. Thus, the most standard product within a category always catches the most buyers.

4. Greater Leads with Trending Niche Products

Many trends change occasionally with the change in time, weather and many other factors. But there are some products that always stay in the mainstream. Examples of such products are skincare, makeup, children toys, video games, pet food and electronic gadgets etc.

Moreover, if you allow your business to follow the trend, you will more likely to drive more sales and revenue. Thus, make sure your niche product is a part of a forever trend that has the ability to grow more over time.

5. Fairly High-Priced Niche

People are less likely to compromise quality over price. Thus, potential buyers feel no harm in paying a bit more for getting premium quality products/services.

Moreover, you’re not producing products in masses as demands are certain but lesser in number. So it is fair enough to apply a bit more cost more on your high-end products/services.

Choose the right platform to build an online store

As of now, you have read the importance of niche products for your business. Now you have to carefully select the right platform to create the e-commerce store for your business. There are basically two options available over the internet to choose from.

One is the content management system. Other is the website builders.

CMS software solutions like WordPress, Magneto, and Shopify are common in the e-commerce world. Many e-commerce industries across the globe have chosen these technologies to build their brands’ online presence. You don’t have to have a professional coder to operate CMS software. So, it’s a good option to go for especially if you have a bit of prior experience.

Website builders are equally popular in the e-commerce industry. There are some website builders like 3S Cart that are dedicatedly built for e-commerce stores. Such website builders have pre-designed e-commerce templates and a lot more related features like SEO as well. Besides that, you don’t need extensive technical knowledge to create your e-shops with them. Thus, it’s also a good option for fresh entrepreneurs.

Well, you can choose the right platform depending upon your brand’s requirements and your level of technical experience. If you’re not technically strong enough in this regard, you can outsource this job and get it done by professionals.

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