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Hotel Amenities to Wow Your Guests

As a hotel, you need the best hotel items and services to make your guest experience comfortable. Hotel amenities such as having the best hotel towel in USA is important for hotels when marketing themselves. It is what the guests look forward to when they are booking a hotel for stay. Hotels always are trying to outshine their competition by providing the best according to their budget and guest requirement. You should always be looking into the best hotel amenities to wow your guests. Learn more about some of the best hotel amenities and create your own list of hotel amenities to provide your guests with only the best.

Comfortable Bedding and Bathroom Facilities

All a guest wants at the end of the day is to shower off the fatigue and get a good night’s rest; add to that experience.

You have to invest in the bedding and bathroom facilities from the furnishing and fittings to the sheets and hotel towels you select. Guests want to use soft towels and clean comfortable sheets. Anything less, not living up to your hotel standards would have your guests making alternate decisions next time. Your room is one of the biggest selling points, never be stingy in selecting the best items for your hotel room. This should always top the best hotel amenities list you have for your hotel. Also, while you’re at it one of the best hotel amenities list items would be travel-size toiletries and that too complimentary. You can make a small bag for your guests to remember you by.

Parking Space

Guests who are traveling by road or have hired car service would prefer a hotel where they can park on-site.

One of the biggest blessings for many road travelers is a safe spot to park and leave their vehicle in. When you have that, it becomes one of the most influential factors for many guests to choose your hotel. So, the second item on the list of hotel amenities to wow your guests would be on-site parking. Depending on your budget and what you can offer your guests if it is valet parking it just adds to their comfort and preference. Well, when guests park on their own, you can offer a free space. Valet could be paid and optionable for guests to use. But trust us, when in comes to what are some hotel amenities guests prefer over others, a free parking space is always topping the list.

Wi-Fi Open to All!

In this day and era, wi-fi services are expected by many guests, it is especially preferred when the hotels offer it for free.

Many guests especially families with kids and business travelers prefer a hotel with free wi-fi. It is one of the best hotel amenities list items for them. If you really want to offer the right hotel amenities to wow your guests; keep free wi-fi on the list of hotel amenities you want in your hotel. If you overlook that or don’t offer it, this could be problematic for some guests. Remember, it is the online age, you need to cater to your guests accordingly.

Think Like a Guest to Wow Them!

When thinking of what are some hotel amenities to offer your guests, think like them, and then plan what you can and cannot offer.

Always remember the best hotel amenities list is the one that caters to your guests and you can always manage in the long run. Making and offering a random list of hotel amenities proves to be useless when you cannot maintain the hotel standards you one set. There are numerous things your guests look forward to, create a list that you know wouldn’t disappoint your guests ever.


 What to do you think are some of the hotel amenities to wow your guests? Let us know in the comments below!

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