Get to know the cost of White-Label WhatsApp Clone App Development

There is one platform that is keeping the whole world abuzz. Yes, it is obviously WhatsApp. Sending and receiving audios, emojis, GIFs, text messages, video, and voice calls is quite simple for business enterprises and users. Besides that, the American platform is continuously adding new features to give more comfort and convenience. Entrepreneurs can be in the driver’s seat in the digital era. They can hire an app creation enterprise for white-label WhatsApp clone app development. 

Connecting stats and WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business have got downloads of 12 million and 2 million respectively as per Sensor Tower. 
  • Since its launch in February 2009, WhatsApp has got more than 5 billion downloads on Android. Its user base has expanded to 180 countries. 
  • The Facebook-owned platform leads both messaging and networking traffic across the world. This is due to factors like affordable mobile data plans, greater bandwidth, an increase in browsing traffic and video streaming, and rapid smartphone penetration. 

The key features of an app like WhatsApp are 

  • Flexible notification management – Unquestionably, people keep receiving a lot of messages on their smartphones. Users can manage notifications with ease. They can use options like customize and mute to handle incoming messages from their family members, friends, and smartphones. 
  • Instant processing of transactions – Sending money is uncomplicated on a platform identical to WhatsApp. Payers and payees need to add details of their bank accounts and digital wallets. They must tap the continue option, enter their PIN and OTP, select a contact, mention an amount, and transfer funds within a specific time. After the funds are transferred, users can access the transaction history. 
  • End-to-End (E2E) encrypted communication – Be it personal or professional texts, all conversations are end-to-end encrypted. Hence, users can protect their individual and group messages, photos, voice and video calls with AES-256 encryption. Therefore, hackers, phishers, and scammers will not be able to read messages nor listen to audio. 
  • Quick creation of groups – Interacting with co-workers, clients, employees, family members, and friends is very simple on a WhatsApp clone. Individuals can create a group, name it, add members, make them admins and discuss any kind of topic. 
  • Sharing of stories – Users can type a status and share them with the whole world anytime. They can add emojis and change colours and fonts as per their requirements. Besides that, netizens can also circulate photos and videos to the whole world.  
  • Backup of chats – Storage of past and present conversations is a breeze. Users need to tap the backup option, integrate them with a cloud account through WiFi or mobile data. Importantly, they have options to add or remove emojis, GIFs, photos, and videos. Members can choose backup options like never, only when I tap “Back up”, daily, weekly, and monthly. 
  • Business Communication tools – Corporate enterprises can keep their customers optimistic by utilizing a platform similar to WhatsApp. They get access to tools like autoresponder, catalogue management, free domestic and international passaging, group chatting, integration with WhatsApp Pay, offline messaging, organizing of contacts with labels, and quick replies. 
  • Invite a Friend – Users can invite their near and dear ones to join an instant messaging platform similar to WhatsApp. They can share the unique link through email, instant messaging apps, SMS, and social networking platforms. 
  • Swift sharing of documents – Records, reports, slideshows, spreadsheets and what not? Cybernauts can send as well as receive documents anytime. They can also download copies and save them securely on their smartphones. 
  • Privacy measures – Confidentiality is assured on an app akin to WhatsApp. Users can adjust their about us, last seen, live location, profile photos, and read receipts. They can hide their personal and professional information from both individual and group chats. 
  • Foolproof security precautions – Users can shield their chats with security steps like biometric verification, disappearing messages, reporting of fake news, spam, and two-factor authentication (2FA). This gives absolute immunity against cybercriminals. 

Explore the new functionalities of a platform analogous to WhatsApp

  • Collections for Business – Entrepreneurs, as well as business organizations, can use this feature for dividing their catalogs into different categories. They must press the Business Tools section, add products, and name them accordingly. 


  • Full-screen sharing of videos – Techpreneurs can ensure a hassle-free streaming experience for their target audience. Individuals can open and close full-screen videos by syncing their photo and video sharing apps, and social network accounts. Likewise, they have 2 options, Watch Later and Share. 


  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode – Received lots of videos all of a sudden? Users can pause and resume the content anytime by tapping the Picture-In-Picture option. 


  • Read deleted messages – “Delete for Me” and “Delete for Everyone” are used commonly when people send a message by mistake. Smartphone users can check out the notifications received from others, directly see the message, and read it even after it has been deleted by the receiver. 


  • Sticker Packs while transferring money – Add some colour and style for users while they process transactions. Users can include stickers reflecting blessing, care, gratitude, joy, and love. Moreover, they can add sticker packs and include attractive phrases and quirky words.

What is the cost to create a WhatsApp clone? 

The budget for White-label WhatsApp clone development depends on aspects like the duration devoted to establishing mobile apps and websites, nature of the user interface, tech stack utilized, types of basic and standard features, and salaries paid to the back-end and front-end developers. 

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp has been a big revelation in the tech era. It has connected the globe with advantages like cross-platform compatibility, free communication, and 24×7 business operations. Entrepreneurs can witness breathtaking progress in the market now. You can team up with an app creation enterprise for White-Label Whatsapp clone app development. 

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