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What Is PWA Template? And How To Use It?

With the advent of technology, there is now a rising demand for user-friendly websites that could provide the best experiences. This is the main reason that leads to the emergence of PWA – a comprehensive combination of websites and mobile applications. Among diverse PWA development solutions, using the PWA template seems to attract attention from merchants and business owners the most.

However, PWA themes and templates may still be an unfamiliar technological term for many people. So, what is a PWA template and how can businesses take advantage of it to improve their websites? Let’s dive deeper into this article as you will soon find out the answers.

What Is PWA Template?

To be clear, PWA templates are an all-inclusive solution that helps businesses convert their regular website themes into Progressive Web Apps.

This approach can provide a great number of benefits compared to other solutions for PWA development.

How To Use PWA Templates?

Similar to website templates or themes, PWA templates usually take plain and simple steps to be applied to websites and come into use. However, PWA themes have been exceeding regular website ones in terms of dynamic design and app-like functions.

While a typical website template directly applies a new user interface (UI) into a website’s frontend, the PWA template is utilized in a more distinctive way. It will become the substitute and completely replace the original frontend with a PWA storefront and a brand new design. Moreover, the new storefront will connect with the backend of the website via APIs.

Due to a fundamental change in the website’s structure, a thorough check should be conducted after installing PWA themes and templates. This is to ensure the original functions of the website can work properly on the new PWA storefront in addition to add-ons and plug-ins. 

Why Should Businesses Invest In PWA Templates?

Many merchants and business owners may have wondered why PWA templates, in particular, can gain such great attention. Below is the explanation of why each and every company should integrate the PWA themes into their website instead of normal ones:

PWA is a rising star in the field of e-commerce technology

First introduced in 2015, PWA soon proved its exceptional powers that could entirely replicate the experience of a mobile app. Large companies such as Twitter, Alibaba, or Walmart have been integrating PWA into their e-commerce stores. Thanks to it, they are witnessing remarkable growth in sales and revenue in recent years. Even small and medium businesses are on the way to upgrade their sites through PWA technology. 

Therefore, in the race of the e-commerce industry, chances are that businesses won’t want to miss the opportunity of using the PWA method to improve web pages. Beginning with PWA templates seems to be the perfect choice for those who wish to do this.

In the era of 4.0 technology, it is undeniable that no businesses would want themselves to be outdated, aren’t they?

PWA templates outweigh regular themes in many aspects

Unlike regular themes, PWA ones can bring about a broad range of benefits for businesses’ websites.

  • Flash speed load time:

Websites installed with PWA templates tend to load much faster than regular themes by 2 to 3 times. 

  • App-like experience:

With PWA templates, your websites can provide an authentic feeling like a native app including functions. These functions include responsiveness, connectivity independence, add to home screen button, push notifications, etc.

With these distinctive features, PWA themes can easily prevail over any other traditional website templates. It will soon become the top choice for businesses in the near future.

Using PWA templates are economical than custom PWA development

Using a ready-made PWA theme is much cheaper than other approaches to develop a Progressive Web App from scratch. Businesses are expected to pay $2,000 at maximum for a PWA template integration. Some PWA providers even offer free templates for websites.

Only complicated and unique versions of PWA themes would charge higher than $2,000. However, businesses are under no obligation to pay that much unless they want to custom the themes.

Low-cost as they might be, their efficiency can actually reach further than what business owners expected.

Tips To Choose A Suitable PWA Template For Your Website

Before buying PWA templates, merchants and business owners should thoroughly consider these factors: their original website platform and the amount of budget they can afford.

At the moment, PWA templates are only compatible with such popular platforms as Magento, WordPress, or Shopify.

When it comes to PWA theme installation, businesses can consult with developers whether they want to fix or change any specific functions and design of the new PWA themes like layout, taskbar, etc.

Additive extensions or custom functions should also take into consideration if business owners want to further improve their PWA websites. 

Popular PWA Template Provider

Along with the rapid development of PWA, there are now a great number of PWA providers in the e-commerce race and businesses should sort them out deliberately to find the most suitable provider.

However, when it comes to PWA templates, it is no exaggeration to say that TigrenPWA stands out to be the best provider that offers businesses a wide variety of PWA storefront designs with distinctive PWA features and minimum spending.

Wrapping Up

Several choices of  Progressive Web App templates are available at their fingertips. With a simple installation process and many other benefits. Businesses that wish to boost their sales revenue can rely on PWA themes.

In order to achieve effective investment. Merchants and business owners should also find out the most optimal choice within the allowed budget to achieve an excellent website transformation.

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