How to Develop a Logo for a Clothing Brand

There is nothing like, ‘where are you placed’ today; all credits go to globalization. With this, if you like something from anywhere in the world, you can get it within a few clicks. From payment methods, to shipment procedures, everything has become seamless as the world has modernized.

However, with an increase in sales and purchases, the ‘bad’ of the society has awoken. For this reason, there are several companies that come up with counterfeit products and they tend to be manufacturing goods with first and second copies of brands. So how can one tell whether it is real or not? This is when the logo comes to the rescue.

A logo is a worldwide recognition of your brand that smoothly distinguishes one product from the other. If you are an upcoming brand that aims to expand across the globe, working on a logo should be your top priority. There are numerous apparel brands like ZARA and H&M that have simple logos using letter marks or word marks but they still leave a massive footprint in terms of revenue! In this blog, you will be guided with some tips and hacks as to how one can create a free online logo design without registration.

Explain Your Business

At this point, since it is an early stage you should be clear with what sort of business you would prefer. If you are into feminine fashion, then certainly you will opt for that category. However, not all brands are specific to a gender; there are many that would be broad and bold, giving room to kids, men, women, and all people to adhere to their choices. Next are the demographics now in case your budget is in billions and you do not fear political or other threats from any part of the world, there are chances you will be widely available.

Objectives versus Logo

Now that your basics are set, you need to move a little forward with objectives. Once you decide your mission and vision remember that it has to be a reflection in your logo. There are several logos that are thoughtful and they have a meaning behind them; and essentially this is how it should be. This mostly happens when a logo gets difficult to interpret which is an outcome of a complex logo. In some cases, brands decide their slogan before the logo while others do it after the logo; depending on your methodologies and preferences.

Get inspired

It is true that logo creation requires utmost creativity but does that mean no inspiration at all? Well, this is not the case. Even some of the world’s top brands have attained gist from worldwide logos. Some of the exceptional logos with an intense meaning could be; Chanel, Gucci, and COACH. Now this also depends on the scope of your business; like these examples would be more towards the luxury items, than something that is average.


Select logo type

While the templates are immense, the logo types can be limited to your choice. It often explains the personality of clothing designers as well; which is why when there is alignment of ideas between the brand designer and the graphic designer, it can do wonders! If you want to go for single icons or images, that would not demand extreme efforts however a logo type like geometry can. This is when you will work around the shapes and sizes, which can be complicated. And this is something you won’t witness much because when it comes to clothing, perhaps the mind makers prefer to opt for something smooth and less complex.

Explore and create!

With so much to explore is ahead of you, you often get puzzled with ideas. You can either go for something minimal or something extraordinary. There are several features, you can always add or subtract colors, icons, and sizes. All software have almost the same tools so you can see which one is more affordable, or if you want, you can get instant help from the support chat. Besides, the majority of logo creators are made on the basis of advanced software, so when you put forward your idea, you will end up with numerous options, effortlessly! However, it is always best to get your hands on a different range of software because that will be more insightful especially if you are a first time user.

Revise and deliver

After getting done with your logo creation, it is time to deliver it to the client. But just when you do that, ask yourself if you could do even better than this? It is also always great to ask your teammates if they could also pour in ideas in making it look the best version of it.In case you have already submitted it to your client, it is advisable to make required changes for a long term relationship.

To Conclude

As a graphic designer, you can always attain inspiration from other brands. But it should be remembered who you are creating the logo for. As a clothing and fashion enthusiast, everyone has their own unique style that shall be radiated through their brand logo.

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