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How to make hairstyles with a lot of Glamor

Tired of the same hairstyles? If you are looking for inspiration for your looks, this is the post you have been waiting for!

Tired of the same hairstyles? If you are looking for inspiration for your looks, this is the post you have been waiting for! If you are already tired of the most common hairstyles, curtain bangs, braids, bun and loose hair, we give you all the keys to make yourself a very simple hairstyle with which you will look more beautiful: some great water waves. bodrum escort

The waves to the water are very marked ripples that are reminiscent of vintage hairstyles from the golden age of Hollywood. Of course, today there is a modern touch and more marked than years ago. The steps you must follow are very easy and we have no doubt that you will do them without problem.

Steps to make waves to water

Waves to the water are a hairstyle that never goes out of style and they are ideal to wear to an event, a party or, simply, in a meeting with friends or family. The steps you must follow are the following:

Wash your hair with appropriate products to facilitate this hairstyle. We recommend the Nutri Rizos shampoo  and mask , which will allow you to show off defined, nourished waves, with movement, strength and shine.

Once you have washed your hair, you should dry it as usual and you have to brush it from the roots to the ends to start making the waves.

You will need a pair of tweezers or an iron to roll the strands and shape the waves. Remember that it is better to make them very close to the root, doing a complete wrist turn if you use an iron, so that they appear from the hairline and are much more distinguished. Do not forget that they all have to go in the same direction!

Set the waves with the tweezers for a few seconds and repeat the process with the rest of your hair. Comb your hair with your fingers for a more casual touch.

Then you can use a curl perfecting spray to set the waves and because this product will leave your hair soft, defined and without frizz.

Top video tutorials of “waves to the water”

The waves to the water are a real trend and with them you will surely feel the latest! For this reason and because it is better that you see the steps in different YouTube tutorials, we recommend some videos to see how to do this hairstyle in the simplest way:

With this tutorial, you can confirm that making waves in water is not as complicated as it seems. Take a look and judge for yourself!

If it’s still not entirely clear to you, don’t worry! Because with this other tutorial it will be even easier for you to do them because they develop everything for you and it amazes how easily you can get this hairstyle done! It’s an everlasting style like curtain bangs that trendy every season.

Do you still want more? Here we leave the last Vi-deotutorial to have no doubt of how to make this fascinating hairstyle of the 20s! With this video, you do not need to use an iron or tweezers, so it is a very positive alternative to heat for your hair. Check it out! escort bodrum

If you have a party, an event or some special event, the marked and defined waves are much more elegant; If, on the other hand, you want to use this hairstyle in your day-to-day life, you can give it a fresher and more relaxed touch without emphasizing its definition by using your own fingers to give it a casual touch.

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